QUESTION 1 : Does feng shui always work?
ANSWER : Yes. If you get it right, feng shui always improves your living and work condition. But feng shui is not a magic cure all for every one of your problems. Remember that feng shui represents only one third of the trinity of luck. If you are not fated to become a big tycoon, feng shui may make you rich, but not seriously wealthy! That depends on your heaven luck. And if your home enjoys good feng shui you will find yourself becoming more busy. You will be presented with opportunities to enhance your life or improve your income. You must create your own mankind luck by seizing these opportunities, and accepting your good fortune.
QUESTION 2 : What if my bad luck is due to the bad feng shui of my father's grave - is there anything I can do to correct it ?
ANSWER : I am not an expert on yin feng shui so I cannot help you, but yes, you can correct the feng shui of your ancestor's grave if you suspect something is wrong. People in Taiwan do it all the time. But you must be careful. Yin feng shui is very powerful - you could make things worse, and you will also be affecting the feng shui of your brothers and sisters. So you should get their consent if you plan to make any changes. My advice is to look for a feng shui master who is an expert on yin feng shui. My si fu, Mr. Yap Cheng Hai is very knowledgeable. He might be able to help, if he can be persuaded to take on such an onerous project.
QUESTION 3 : How do I know if I my home has bad feng shui ?
ANSWER : You know something is wrong if you suffer a series of unfortunate occurrences shortly after moving into a new home e.g. if your family take turns getting sick, or you losing your job for no good reason, or getting involved in an accident, or getting robbed … bad luck can sometimes be due to your own astrological chart seeing you through a bad period but if every person living in the same home seems to be suffering from bad luck, perhaps it might be useful to check whether something harmful is affecting the feng shui of your home.
QUESTION 4 : How do I know if an object is of the wood or fire or water element. And if it is big or small ?
ANSWER : Basically there are two ways of identifying the element energies of any object. First ask yourself what it is made of, and second ask yourself what it symbolizes. Thus for instance a windchime made of bamboo belongs to wood, while one that is made of ceramic is earth and another made of copper or steel is metal. In the same way ask yourself what a globe of the world symbolizes? Obviously the earth, so it represents the earth element. And what does a fish symbolize? Here the association is water so fish are said to symbolize the water element. As to whether it is big or small versions of the element, here, one literally goes by size. A huge oak tree is big wood, while a bunch of flowers is small wood. A bridge is big metal, while a knife is small metal.
QUESTION 5 : Can I have good feng shui if I only practice the form school basics and ignore the compass school altogether?
ANSWER : Yes indeed you can. You will also be able to avoid being hit by bad feng shui. But compass school feng shui takes you deeper and allows you to discover powerful methods of seriously enhancing your luck. I always advise my friends to take things one step at a time. Go slowly because it is better to get the basics correct first before trying to apply everything all at once. Besides it is never possible to get feng shui one hundred percent right!
QUESTION 6 : How do I know if the yin yang balance of my home is correct ? Do I need to keep rearranging my furniture everytime the season changes ?
ANSWER : When the energies of yin and yang are well balanced you will feel far more comfortable than if they are not. Some people call this instinctive. That may well be. However, My approach is that all yang dwellings of the living must have more yang than yin energy. The common problem is usually a shortage of yang energy. Or put another way, an excess of yin energy as when your house is badly lit, dirty, cluttered, damp or altogether unhealthy smelling ! Often, in such cases merely opening the windows to let the sunshine in will clear the energies ! Or open all the doors and windows occasionally to bring in fresh energies to replace the stale energies of a place which has been locked up all year. As to whether you need to respond to climatic changes of the season the answer is yes, but you do not need to rearrange your furniture. Use lights, fireplaces, and fans to increase or lessen yin and yang energies. As in the practice of anything, there is room for creativity and initiative.
QUESTION 7 : How do I determine the shape of my house if it is totally irregular, and what if it has combinations of squares, circles and triangles? What perspective do I take - the flat two dimensional layout plan, or the three dimensional elevation?
ANSWER : You can either artificially separate out the parts and undertake your basic analysis accordingly, or, as recommended by most Master practitioners, take a whole picture view of the entire house shape. Personally, I prefer the whole picture method since this way all I need to do is address any problem of missing corners. The squares, circles and triangles indicate different element energies and you simply check the compass sector to see if the energies are in harmony according to where each of the shapes are located. As to whether you take the two or three dimensional shape, my answer is both. Both perspectives are important, but if I have to choose which is more important, I would say it is the three dimensional elevation.
QUESTION 8 : How can I enhance my romance and love luck?

With Crystals :- The power of crystals can be used in the practice of feng shui. Natural crystals are especially effective for energizing the Southwest corner for your bedroom or living room. Crystals are one of the best symbols of "mother earth" and the SW corner is the corner of big earth. The Southwest is also the corner that governs the luck of love, romance and family happiness.

This is applicable for everyone irrespective of you particular KUA number. If you activate the Southwest corner of your bedroom you will have greater harmony and happiness in all your relationships with loved ones. If you do it in the living room, everyone living in your home benefits. Before you display the crystal, wash it thoroughly to get rid of any negative energies it may be carrying. Do this by soaking it in sea salt water for seven days and seven nights.

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