Dear Lillian,

I live in Richmond, Virginia in USA, also a former online student of Lillian's, and an avid reader of all of her books. We have had an earthquake (5.8) on Tuesday, a really bad thunderstorm on Thursday, and now for Saturday and Sunday we are expecting Hurricane Irene. Lillian was so right in her feng shui predictions for 2011 that she presented at her Extravaganza. It really helps to know what to do for protection. Our home was spared any damages from the earthquake and my family is safe. Other homes in the area did not do as well. Washington, D.C. had a lot of structural damage to many of the older historic buildings. I firmly believe that by listening to Lillian and placing the feng shui protections that she recommended, it saved my home from any damage and kept my family safe and well. I just wanted to write and say thank you to Lillian for sharing her feng shui knowledge. It truly helped me and my family. We will probably lose our electric power during the Hurricane, but with the feng shui protections in place that Lillian recommended for this year I feel that we will all be protected and safe.

Thank you for all that you do for others. It really does mean a lot in many ways. :-)

Dorothy Moore

Dear Lillian

I recently bought 2 of your books on feng shui. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical but I have to admit that it really does work. I have a better understanding of the flow of chi all around me. I want to say that I wish everyone would practice feng shui. It has really changed my outlook in life. My boyfriend and I have both had interesting dreams the night I changed things around. I don't really know if it was good or bad but we both know something has changed. The funny thing is we both had very similar dreams with similar people in it. It was very interesting. I just want to say thank you for you have really changed my perspective about things in life. Keep up the fantastic job! I am recommending this practice to all my friends and family.

Yours truly,
Soumaly Vongvisay

Dear Lillian

I read your article that appeared in NST. To me you are an icon, Malaysia should be PROUD of you as you spread your knowledge of fengshui to the whole world to help others. God knows the number of people who have benefitted from your sharing of knowledge. Who says you are commercialised? Not in my opinion, indeed you are god's answer to many people's prayers.

Although I am from Singapore, I am proud of the fact that my fellow Asian has brought such an impact to the world. May many people benefit from your kindness. I must say that your charitable deed is magnanimous in the way you donated the RM100,000 to charity. Both the rich Indon and the poor benefitted from your knowledge of fengshui. I am also grateful that in spite of your busy schedule, you are always willing to find time to answer queries from your readers who desperately needs help like me.

May god bless you and your family always not just during this life but all your other lives.

Your ardent fan
Nalini, Singapore

Dear Auntie Lillian,

I am a fresh reader of WOFS magazine. Before I start read this magazine, I don't believe feng shui until a month ago when I got bad news. I lost my job. Then my friend told me about your magazine. Then I tried it. Wow! Two weeks later, I got an interview and I got the job. Then I realize that it must be the feng shui that I practice. Since that day, I started practice feng shui in my daily life. Thank you for your feng shui. Now all my activities go smoothly. Many people start to talk to me and my realationships with my friends and my love one getting better. Even now I feel confident. In everything that I do. Now all the knowledge that I get it from your magazine I pass it to my friends and they all now starting practice it. Lastly, I want to say thank you very much for your useful magazine and I hope you will continue to give the best and quality information to your reader. Bye!

Jerry Joseph

Dear Lillian,

I've been reading your book since 1998. Though your first book I bought was "Strategies for Career Success". Now, I have most of your books including "The Holy Bible of Feng Shui"! I took practicing Feng Shui & Flying Star seriously when the starting of Period 8 begun. During that year (2003 to 2004) I had discovered something really bad were about to happen to me according to Flying Star! Too bad it really did happened but I've gone through the bad time without major injury. And I believe I owed it to you, with Feng Shui Extravaganza last year (2004).

At the beginning of 2005, I did everything I could to make the most out of this year. I went to WOFS Megamall 2 months ago, bought some feng shui cures. I went home, put things in their places (I practiced Tai Shi Feng Shui on my working desk) and within 3 weeks, I got a raise and a possible scholarship aboard! What would you call that, magic or miracle??

Thanks a million, Lillian, and if everything is heading to the direction it is heading right now through out the year, next year I will meet you at the Master Practioners Course, Promise!!!

Thanks & best regards,

Dear Lillian,

It has brought me much joy and understanding in your feng shui ways & books. The ultimate was able to see you at lama zopa prayers in s'pore, if you remembered i came to introduce myself to you. i was in awe and so blessed to be there with lama zopa and you in these 4 short mths since I have started reading about feng shui and i have been reading Dalai Lama books for 2yrs now. I can't be happier to have both of you to guide me in this unpredictable world of wars and social unrest. thank you.


Dear Ms Too,

I have been following your advice for a few years now, and we have recently moved to France after my husband choose to retire early. We are very happy now and I want to thank you for your wonderful books and tips. Our lives have certainly improved. Thank you. Je tu embrasse.

Pat, France

I really want this letter to get to Lillian if it is at all possible please.

I was a real Feng Shui skeptic for many years, working as a professional astrologer I should have known better and now I am kind of ashamed of my ignorance, but at the same time even more enlightened and happy to say I have discovered a new door open in my life.

It was only a few months ago when I was up into the early hours of the morning talking to a friend who asked me if I wanted to go to bed and asked if I was tired. My reply was no and it does not matter I have never been able to sleep in that bed room since I moved into the house. He suggested that I borrow his book by Lillian Too and try to make some changes in the bedroom.

Gosh after reading the section on how to apply Feng Shui to the bedroom I did not realize how many things were wrong in there. My bed was facing a mirror, and to make matters worse I had a big picture hanging over my bed which was a scene from the beach and it reflected straight into the it actually was in the room twice. As I lay on my side to sleep I was always facing the toilet, and there were three doors in the room one of them being the door to the toilet. My bay windows had pointed corners too.

It took me all day to fix and change the bedroom, and at the last minute I decided I should take down that huge picture that hung in front of my husbands office ( it is a dragon) and hang it over my bed as the wall was bare now that I moved the beach scene. As I took the picture off the wall I looked at the dragon and a strong thought came to me that perhaps I was doing the wrong thing and that the dragon should not be moved. I did not know at the time how powerful Dragons are and I did not know that they do not belong in bedrooms.

Any way I was pleased with my work and the room did seem to feel a bit better and as I went to hang the dragon above my bed I heard or felt something that told me not to do it and it might effect the business. I told that little voice that I was being silly and that sleep was more important than money, and I thought to myself that feng Shui is not such a serious thing any way so I hung the dragon above the bed even though it did not feel right.

My husband comes home looking quite anxious, and I am feeling quite proud of myself for fixing the bedroom. He tells me that he thinks he may have lost his most important contract ( which is our main income ). I think about what I had just done perhaps only about a half hour before he came home. I ask him when did he hear about this bad news and it seems that it was probably the time I had taken the dragon off the wall.

I am feeling guilty and I am wondering if Feng Shui has anything to do with it , I tell my husband to remove the dragon picture from above the bed and put it back in front of the office door and then call the company and apologize. He looks at me strange and follows my instructions ...the result thank god is all is well.

So my mind has to stay open and alert to these things and I need to read up and find out more.

I decide that the front door really needs a mirror as there is a power pole out the front with two crosses and it plays on my mind and worries me. Eventually I finda mirror and put it at the front door as there isnowhere else to put it. In a matter of hours there is a verystrange power failure and strange things happen, lights dim and go on and off, the house is like a scene from a horror movie, phones are cutting in and out. Light candles and they blow out. I am convinced that the mirror had something to do with it. My house is only fifteen months old the wiring is brand new andno other house in the street has this problem.

I am sure the mirror had words with the power pole.

I place feng Shui coins on my work sheet where I do myastrology readings, I have had to remove them because I have had more work than I can cope with.

Then there is this Christmas where I receive not one but three Feng shui frogs, and the strangest thing is that nobody knew I started to dabble with Feng Shi except for my friend and husband.

One of the frogs came from my mother in-law who only ever gives me a tea towel.

I really want to share this story as I was an ignorant skeptic and now I cannot learn enough. The other thing I have learned and found is that it works well with western astrology too. All this in a matter of only a few months? Wow!

With all my love and many thanks

Dearest Lillian,

This is long overdue update, but I have some news that I want to share with Lillian and al of you. It has been almost one year since the LTMCC in Kuala Lumper, June 2001--the most impactful highlight of my life. After the Course, I commissioned WOFS to do an offsite feng shui analysis of my home which we received by the end of July 2001. Of course, we began to enthusiastically put into place the necessary feng shui adjustments.

Our concerns were
(1) cash flow problems,
(2) health issues,
(3) father seldom home,
(4) having wanted to have another child for the past 4-5 years.

By November my husband received a wonderful job offer where we have more money, and he has a lot more time to spend with the family. We moved into beautiful custom built home--much larger in February 2002 (a N2/3-Sum of Ten-Period 7), and we just found out that we are expecting another child in December 2002. I am grateful for all I have learned from Lillian and all of you. If you so choose, you have permission to use my letter/testimonial. Blessings to you all until we meet again.

RaNita Parrish

Dearest Lillian,

First and very quickly, thank you for starting something that has transformed my whole life. I owe you a debt of gratitude for sharing your knowledge and personal stories. Feng Shui has changed parts of my life I did not foresee, as like you did at the beginning, I was most concerned with the financial aspects. Into my life, and at just the right time, came Mark Sun, teacher of Tao, which opened up another wonderful part of my life. I had my Awakening Ceremony this past Monday. Buddhism is weaving itself into my life as well and with it a sense of calm and peace that I haven't felt before.

I would like to tell you about an idea that I have for a book that I really wish that you would consider doing. I have found several pictures of your home scattered through a couple of your books. I often squint and delve into the background trying to study and see how you place objects and just how you decorate to get that incredible effect. I would love to have a book of pictures of your home. Not of personal things or areas of course! Great quality like an art book, and lots of close ups. I have never seen anything like it in my life. It is beautiful beyond words. You must walk through the front door and just totally relax at the sight. Please consider my idea. Wishing all good and wonderful things for you.

Erin Middlebrooks

At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Lao-Tzu

Dear Erin

it takes a person with a real big heart to sit down and write such beautiful encouraging words. thank you .. and may you continue to find wonderful new realizations about the true nature of reality. I will consider yr idea. in fact my next book FENG SHUI FOR INTERIORS is a colour book with many many pictures of my home.. it comes out next month. please look out for it on the site

with prayers and love

Dear Lillian Too,

This letter is to commend your contribution towards spreading the knowledge of Feng Shui through & books. It has always been an eye-opener & knowledgeable experience every time I visit your site WOFS.COM & read your books which I bought especially WATER DRAGON, FLYING STAR & EIGHT MANSIONS.

Few of my personal experiences are as follows;

(1)The main entrance of my house was facing North. There were 3 to 4 poison arrows pointing towards the main door , a tree trunk of 8 inch in diameter in front, a wall about 7 feet high & there was no ringing bell installed.

I have placed an PaKua mirror in the front to defuse the effect of shar chi. More brighter lights were installed to bring brightness during the night at the entrance. A ringing bell was also installed. All efforts are being made to maintain balance of five elements at the entrance.

It has resulted in creating sheng chi at the entrance & flood of opportunities to every member of the family,and also drastic improvements in relations with our relatives and friends.

This ultimately, restoring dignity to my family. I am in the process of placing a small waterfall at the entrance on the left side.

(2) The three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon. I hanged from inside of my main door, as the door was opening anti-clockwise outside looking in.

Result - stopped all unnecessary expenditures.

When attached to my Feng Shui file, it has brought me enormous knowledge of FS and people started consulting me. I kept it in my wallet and it blocked all unnecessary expenditures.

Thank You

Dear Lillian,

Firstly I would like to thankyou for coming out with a range of symbolic jewellery. I must say I for one do not often wear jewellery but was convinced so after. My boss bought a 3 coin ring and not long after was promoted twice in a year. Seeing this a lot of my colleagues went on to get the ring, some even engage a goldsmith to make an identical ring.

I bought the same ring and my sales for the year 2001 exceeded twice of all the years even though economic market was slowing down. Subsequently I left my job to take care of my dad as he had a bad fall resulting in both legs being broken. I was worried but as a dutiful daughter I had to take care of my dad. My money was slowing eaten away by medical bills. I decided to buy a three legged toad pin, hopefully it will help in my career. In October 2001 out of the blue I was offered a job even though I had not apply for any jobs at that time. By then I was fully convinced that the jewellery has helped me a lot and went on to buy a dragon brooch.

Wow, my sales went thru the roof astounding even myself. Well, my next purchase would be a pair of Happiness earrings. Who knows I might just meet someone.

My friends who engaged a goldsmith to make an identical ring did not achieve what they wanted. Only the Lillian Too's endorsed jewellery will work.

Thank you
J Wong
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