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Lillian Too's The New I Ching - Discover the Secrets of the Plum Blossom Oracle

Published Year : 2004

The success of all our plans ultimately depends on choosing the right TIME to act. For thousands of years now, the Chinese have used the I Ching to guide them on this important dimension of timing in the success of all their endeavours.

In her latest book, Lillian Too shares secrets on the Plum Blossom Oracle and teaches the reader how they can access the I Ching using this powerful Oracle. This is a highly accurate divination method that is based on the principle that nothing in the world is a coincidence. Every chance encounter, unexpected phone call, change of plan and unexpected visitor has significance. They are signs that indicate warnings, guidance and advice to help us. The key to unlocking these signs is first to attune the mind to receiving signals from the cosmos and then to try to decipher them using the I Ching.

The NEW I CHING will guide you on how to develop your sensitivity to these signs and how to use the meanings of the I Ching's hexagrams and its changing lines to your advantage. Learn to use the I Ching and it will be your friend for life!

Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8 by Lillian Too

Published Year : 2003

Lillian Too has just released her long awaited book ? Flying star feng shui for period 8 which starts February 4th 2004. This is a great reference book for the upcoming changing of period, when the period of 7 ends and the auspicious period of 8 begins. ?Since every period lasts for 20 years, it is very important to ensure that the feng shui of your house is kept up to date so as to improve your health, wealth and happiness' ? says Lillian Too.

The Goddess Oracle

Published Year : 2003

The Goddess Oracle is a great book on Kuan Yin. Known as the goddess of mercy and revered by millions of Chinese around the world, she is the most popular of the Chinese deities and is the female personification of the compassionate Buddha. In this book, Lillian Too brings 50 images of the Goddess along with her teachings and special meditations. The timeless wisdom of the Goddess of mercy along with mind transforming Dharma dialogue will unlock spiritual pathways to abundance, fulfillment and enlightenment. The Goddess Oracle will comfort you with solutions to dilemmas and inspire you to reach deep into yourself.

Feng Shui Life Planner by Lillian Too

Published Year : 2003

This full color, fully illustrated book explains all the basic concepts of feng shui, then shows you how to work out the exact times when good or bad luck are present in the home or work place. This enables you to take simple, positive steps towards maximizing your good fortune, from month to month, and from year to year. It is all surprisingly easy, and - as you will discover - extremely rewarding.

    Use powerful feng shui formulas to plan and improve your life
    Understand how patterns of luck change and update your feng shui every year - or even every month
    Simple, practical ways to maximize good fortune, avoid bad luck and ensure good health

The Buddha Book

Published Year : 2003

Inspired by the teachings of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, The Buddha Book is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the most important and well-known buddhist deities. The book presents their major characteristics, fuctions and histories in a clear and concise way and, along with prayers, meditations, and visualizations, it covers special rituals and blessings associated with each Buddha.

Feng Shui For Interiors By Lillian Too

Published Year : 2002

In her latest publication, Lillian Too brings you another 168 ways to protect, cleanse, and energise the chi of your home. She simplifies Flying Star Feng Shui even further and offers you a quantum leap in your practice of feng shui with practical and easy-to-use ways to arrange your interiors using powerful Taoist and Compass Feng Shui. Here are tips on how to use colours, lighting, layout, shapes, decorative images, art, and space clearing to empower and activate your space, make it luckier and more conducive to success. Get your copy today! Fully illustrated with color photographs and illustrations.

The ABC of Feng Shui by Lillian Too

Published Year : 2002

Packed full with tips, explanations, definitions and clarifications -and made stunningly easy with brand new illustrations - The ABC of Feng Shui is a vital addition to your personal Feng Shui library. Written in Lillian Too's unmistakable style, here is a comprehensive dictionary of feng shui that covers landscape, symbols, compass and formulas on the subject. This feng shui reference is as excellent for the total beginner as for the advanced practitioner.

Lillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home

Published Year : 2002

Try 168 Feng Shui ways for dejunking your home. You'll love the way it looks, and you'll feel positive and vibrant. Eliminating whatever's piled in corners, hidden in closets, and not moved or used in a long time is restorative. Lillian Too reveals how to remove the clutter and rearrange a room using traditional Feng Shui principles so that good energy flows, replacing clutter with a soothing and comforting ambiance. You'll feel a sense of well-being and pleasure, simply because you're at home.

Lillian Too's Flying Star Feng Shui for Master Practitioner

Published Year : 2002

Lillian Too's Flying Star Feng Shui for the Master Practitioner is packed full of amazingly potent secrets based on the lineages of ancient feng shui masters. It will enable anyone to become a Master Practitioner in the science of feng shui. In this ground-breaking new book, Lillian explains in amazing depth and with stunning clarity how anyone can use the powerful formula of feng shui to diagnose home feng shui and implement solutions that bring harmonious relationships and amazing good fortune. She has simplified previously difficult texts into a straightforward and fascinating book containing clear and precise diagrams and examples to make the formula come alive. All the yang dwelling secrets of the feng shui Luo Pan, or Chinese compass, are revealed and explained.

Lillian Too's Discover Yourself

Published Year : 2002

In her captivating new book, Lillian reveals how to use ancient wisdom to enhance your relationships, career, home, health as well as your future. Discover Yourself is a thought-provoking read that takes you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery into the mind, body and spirit to gain insights into your true nature and to optimize your destiny. Divided into four sections, this book leads you to understand the inner workings of your mind and discover the secrets of your body, and then it proceeds to teach you how to nurture your spirit and guide you to realize your maximum potential.

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