Lillian Too's Discover Yourself

In her captivating new book, Lillian reveals how to use ancient wisdom to enhance your relationships, career, home, health as well as your future. Discover Yourself is a thought-provoking read that takes you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery into the mind, body and spirit to gain insights into your true nature and to optimize your destiny. Divided into four sections, this book leads you to understand the inner workings of your mind and discover the secrets of your body, and then it proceeds to teach you how to nurture your spirit and guide you to realize your maximum potential.

Lillian Too's Mantras & Mudras Meditations for the Hands and Voice to Bring Peace and Inner Calm

Best-selling author Lillian Too brings us this fascinating and beautifully illustrated introduction to a subject close to her heart. Mantras (chants) and Mudras (hand gestures) are a fundamental part of Buddhist practice. As popular interest in Buddhism grows, Lillian Too, a dedicated Buddhist, has the specialist knowledge to bring this subject to a wider audience with the same unmistakable touch that she brings to Feng Shui. Lillian's straight-forward, approachable text and beautiful gold illustrations explain how to perform the mantras and mudras and reveal the physical and spiritual benefits to be gained from their use, including increased energy levels and deep inner calm.

Mantras and Mudras was written with the support of Lillian Too's teacher, Lama Zopa Rinpoche. All author royalties from its sale will be donated to special Buddhist charities under his guidance.

Lillian Too's Book Of Gold - Wise ways to Health, Wealth and Happiness: 365 daily reflections to enrich your life.

    Reduce your problems into manageable bite-sized portions...
    Take a few moments to watch your breath and create an awareness of your inner world...
    Silence enables you to take stock... Words of wisdom to inspire you and enrich your life, from bestselling author, Lillian Too. Here are 365 positive reflections - one for each day of the year - to help you live your life to the maximum. Inspirational and enlightening, this small book offers practical strategies and techniques to help you feel good - every day!

Lillian Too's Chinese Wisdom

Lillian Too's Chinese Wisdom presents a legacy of secrets for living well. This comprehensive and exciting interpretation of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism explains how we can awaken the luck of Heaven, Earth, and Mankind, and use this to generate wellbeing and abundance in our lives.

Chinese Astrology For Love

Ideal for lovers, this book is also perfect for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the application of Chinese Astrological Sciences in romance and relationships. It will teach you everything from determining the compatibility between two lovers, right up to investigating the future outcome of that relationship! A book not to be missed, Lillian has done it again.

Tap The Power Inside You

An inspiring collection of insights and images, pictures and prose, combining Eastern philosophies with the Western world's awakening interest in exploring the expanding frontiers of human consciousness.
Creating Prosperity With Creative Visualization

This New Age book introduces the practice of Creative Visualization, a method of accessing positive mental energies that we all possess to achieve the fulfillment of all our desires. Let creative visualization do for you what it has done for Lillian and for thousands of others.
Explore The Frontiers Of Your Mind

Creative Visualization taken to new heights. Using meditation to enhance creativity and visualization to stimulate motivation... here is a book that takes you on a piercingly beautiful journey into the inner realms of your mind...
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