Feng shui maven Lillian Too bullish on 2013; bets on banks, plantation stocks

The Edge Singapore Weekly Edition
Feb 11-17, 2013

LILLIAN Too paces the stage at the Singapore Expo and addresses the 4,500-strong audience with an earnest fervour.

One-on-One with Lillian Too

AsiaSpa Nov/Dec 2012
Interview by Vivienne Tang

Considered the world's most renowned Feng Shui expert, Malaysia-based Lillian Too has sold millions of books on the subject (80 best sellers), which have been translated into more than 30 languages.

Trinity Travel
Vol. 22, Spring
Malaysia Airlines Flies In Feng Shui Master LILLIAN TOO

Manila Standard Today
January 2007

Much like a precious Tiffany diamond or a priceless Juan Luna painting requiring careful handling, a person of great distinction and honor deserves similar exceptional treatment.
How Lillian Too creates the right space at the right time

The Wall Street Journal
October, 2006

Feng shui firm's founder paved a path via Harvard and Asian banking arena. Lillian Too is the 60-year-old co-founder and chairwoman of the World of Feng Shui, or Sdn. Bhd.....
AM - Art of Living

September to October 2006
Interview by Illonka Brands
Feng Shui: Everyone has the chance to make money in Year of the Sheep, says Lillian Too

TheEdge Markets
Monday, January 12, 2015

As the coming Lunar Year of the Wood Sheep is blessed with all five feng shui elements - metal, wood, water, fire and earth - everyone will have the opportunity to make money, achieve success and attain their goals, according to renowned feng shui expert grandmaster Lillian Too.
A leaf from this book

New Straits Times
Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lillian Too and Jennifer Too tell Zuhaila Sedek-De Booij about the books that moved and impacted them...
Unearthing The Bounty Within

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seek the hidden bonanza in the Year of the Golden Rabbit to ensure a good harvest...
Women of Influence Revelling in Her Element


Friday, 12 November 2010

Best-selling feng shui author and practitioner Lillian Too shares how her choices in life have shaped her success..

10.10.10: Good day or bad?

New Straits Times

Sunday, 10 October 2010

WEDDINGS are planned years in advance and childbir ths pushed back a day or two if possible, all just to work around a date that comes every hundred years.

Sanctuary of peace and quiet

New Straits Times
19 March 2010

Feng Shui expert and author Lillian Too’s home in a neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur offers a sense of calm and serenity, writes VIMALA SENEVIRATNE

Life in the feng shui lane

The Star
16 January 2010

Ever wondered what the home of a successful and famous feng shui master looks like? Wonder no more. Lillian Too has published the book Living With Good Feng Shui, featuring 365 photos of her home.

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