Destiny's Child

December, 2006

Mention Lillian Too and automatically feng shui comes to mind. The iron lady of all things auspicious talks to Exilea Omar on how she got started on feng shui and why she thinks luck is only a part of her success.

Feng Shui -Savvy KK people impress expert

The Borneo Post
November, 2006

Much sought-after feng shui author Lillian Too's latest book "Get Rich with Water" reveals the secrets of water feature and water flows in the creation of wealth.

Lillian Too's Feng Shui for Property 2006

Kwong Wah Yit Poh
July, 2006

Wind and Water Too

If feng shui is your cup of tea, Lilian Too will be pouring cupfuls of this ancient wisdom at a seminar in Penang. FRANCIS DASS writes.

Show-jumping Too

Jennifer Too, when asked to introduce herself, says we probably know her mother Lillian. Indeed we do. The mother-and-daughter team operates the World of Feng Shui stores with Jennifer running the daily business as CEO.

Expert: Big bang coming

According to feng shui expert Lillian Too, there is a possibility of a major volcanic eruption this year. “This is because the element of fire is sitting on top of the element of earth in the Year of the Fire Dog. This indicates a big explosion that could come in the form of a volcanic disaster.

Lucky 8s in store for big donor to quake fund

How much are you willing to pay for such an auspicious cell phone number as 013-8888888? Celcom is giving the opportunity for someone to own this number by donating to the Pakistan earthquake fund.

Dose of good luck Too

Can good luck be acquired? Can we stave off negative energies by carrying certain objects? RACHAEL PHILIP is forced to tackle these issues when peering into feng shui celebrity Lillian Too's bag.

Productive year

There are two lap chuns (Feb 4 or the beginning of spring) in the Year of the Fire Dog. The Chinese always welcome a year that has a double lap chun because this means greater prosperity and additional wealth luck,” says Lillian Too, a prominent feng shui expert and author of bestselling feng shui books.

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