Book Tour: Get Rich With Water!

Lillian Too To Meet Fans Up Close & Personal
In conjunction with the launch of her latest book, "GET RICH WITH WATER: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO WATER FENG SHUI", international bestselling author and feng shui expert LILLIAN TOO may be coming to a bookstore near you!

The Benefits of Keeping Pets

Lillian Too gave a speech at the launch of SPCA's ADOPTION FEST 2006 on Saturday 12th August 2006. An avid animal lover herself, she gave a talk on The Benefits of Keeping Pets. Questions and Answer session featuring feng shui of dogs, cats and keeping pets were conducted. Her talk was commenced at 12.40pm near the SPCA booth, by the fountain at the front of Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Lillian Too's books translated in French were spotted by Lama Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, her guru at a little French bookstore in a village just outside Toulouse in southwest France.

Rinpoche was in France leading a retreat nearby at Nalanda monastery.
Lillian Too pulls crowd of 2000 at launch of BP EZ Card

In July recently, BP Malaysia - the world's largest petroleum company invited Lillian Too to launch its new feng shui inspired EZ loyalty cards ... The grand occasion featured an outstanding Lion Dance to create auspicious feng shui vibes, not just for BP, but also for everyone who came that afternoon. Lillian's many readers and fans showed up in strength that Sunday afternoon.

Amsterdam in the springtime

Lillian Too was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May of 1999 for a short publicity tour. Interest in feng shui has been growing at a tremendous rate amongst Dutch readers in the past one or two years. She thus had plenty of meaty questions to answer. The journalists came well prepared with thinking questions; they had obviously done their homework!

Paris May 1999

Lillian Too in Paris, France, for a Galerie Lafayette book-signing and Figaro interview Paris was a huge success. Monsieur Guy Tredaniel, publisher of her books in the French language, organized a hugely successful book-signing at the prestigious Galerie Lafayette in downtown Paris.

Feng Shui Conference in London, May 1999

Organized by Feng Shui For Modern Living magazine, this event attracted all the best names in feng shui and a great audience. It was indeed lovely to again meet with fellow feng shui practitioners, authors, masters and consultants. And what better way to do it than at the latest feng shui conference in London? We were entertained at the Riverside cafe, where everyone mingled and got to know one another.

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