Feng Shui Diva: Lillian Too reaches for supernova

After hitting her peaks as a world best-selling author, Lillian Too is limbering up her vocal chords for superstardom of the Tina Turner kind. Amir Muhamad meets the divinely industrious one.

Even Santa Claus can be a Feng Shui symbol

"Use symbols appropriate to your background and culture. "For instance, Santa Claus is a symbol of abundance too! You can use that." - Mrs. Lillian Too, on the different feng shui symbols people can use to generate wealth and how these symbols don't have to be Chinese.

LILLIAN TOO Breaks German Record

Rings for Fame and Fortune

Do you wish to increase your success and career luck, gain instant wealth or spice up your love life?

OE Fine Jewellery's latest collection The Element Rings are designed and crafted to bring wealth, health and happiness to its wearers.

For all your feng shui needs

Alex Tan reports on a one-stop center where you can get items to help obtain that extra edge to succeed.

If you are among thousands who have embraced the belief in feng shui, then knowing that there is a one-stop center for feng shui paraphernalia will be music to your ears.

The way to celebrate Chinese New Year

Lillian Too, the Malaysian who popularized feng shui tells us what to expect in the Year of the Snake. The coming Lunar calendar - Year of the Snake - is predicted to be 'not a good year' worldwide. Instead, it will be a year when preserving one's wealth will be very important.

The colours of fortune

Feng shui master Lillian Too has just launched her 'Feng Shui in Colours' ring collection for those who believe coloured stones can attract good luck and shield the wearer from calamities. KEE HUA CHEE had the good fortune of meeting her for this story.

One of its kind 'Feng Shui' boutique opens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CREATING GOOD VIBES... City folks can now be more prosperous and happier with good feng shui (geomancy) products in their homes which they can get from the World of Feng Shui boutique launched yesterday by MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Ling Liong Sik (second from right).

Too Live With Feng Shui

Malaysia's most famous feng shui master Lillian Too practices what she preaches - her home is filled with feng shui touches. Feng shui master Lillian Too really believes in her craft. As the stars change all through the year, Lillian dutifully moves feng shui energizers around the house so that she and her husband get maximum benefit from feng shui principles.

Interview - Going Places

Lillian Too Is The World's Leading Feng Shui Writer With 44 Books Translated Into 24 Languages In Just 5 Short Years, But The Chapter Closes To Her Heart, Is Spirituality

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