How Lillian Too creates the right space at the right time

Feng shui firm's founder paved a path via Harvard and Asian banking arena. Lillian Too is the 60-year-old co-founder and chairwoman of the World of Feng Shui, or Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia's successful promoter of the Chinese belief system that one can optimize natural forces to enhance wealth and prosperity or create a harmonious work or home environment.

AM - Art of Living

September to October 2006
Interview by Illonka Brands

The Art of Feng Shui

More and more people are getting into the feng shui craze. And why not? The promise of luck—in health, career, money, and love—is just too good to pass up. But feng shui is more than that, according to Lillian Too, probably the most celebrated feng shui expert the world over. She has authored more than 80 books on the subject, including Fortune and Feng Shui 2006—a complete guide to the Year of the Fire Dog.

Malaysian feng shui expert in Manila

A Malaysian feng shui expert is in Manila to hold a feng shui extravaganza in the run-up to the coming Chinese Year of the Dog and advise Filipinos how to enhance their good luck and suppress the bad.

Lillian Too's First Feng Shui Extravaganza In The Country Set Today

The year 2006 may be the most exciting year for Filipinos as one of the world's leading exponents of Feng Shui, Lillian Too, is visiting the country for the very first time to reveal what the year of the Fire Dog has in store for everyone. Too intends to share her knowledge and to guide everyone through 2006 with her seminar dubbed as "LILLIAN TOO'S Feng Shui Extravaganza."

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