Feng Shui For The Garden - Eva Perry talks to Lillian Too about Feng Shui for Gardens.

"Garden feng shui is in many respects the most important part of feng shui practice," says expert Lillian Too, "for it is here that the quality of the energy that surrounds our living space is determined. If you can ensure that the feng shui that surrounds the exterior of your home is good, then the auspicious energies that are created will far surpass anything else you may do inside the home."

Lillian in London launching her latest book, the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui

THE STORY of goes pretty much according to the startup template. A computer-savvy young person set up the website and maintained it from a personal computer in the bedroom. The site's popularity grew steadily and soon caught investors' attention. Now, it is a business worth millions of ringgit.

Best-selling author Lillian Too is a devotee of the Chinese practice of feng shui

"Not here," Lillian Too says, striding up to the table in one of Sydney's better hotels. "Bad feng shui here."

She pauses, briefly looks around the hotel foyer, then strides purposefully towards an atrium. "Over there." Too is not normally one to force her feng shui views on others, but when the mood takes her she has been known to shift the occasional plant in an office or move hotel rooms if the bed is facing the wrong way.

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