Power of Feng Shui

When feng shui consultant and author Lillian Too talks about feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of harmonious living, people listen. Her formidable, record-breaking corporate background demands attention.

Feng Shui For Happiness

In life, happiness takes many forms. Wealth, health, career, academic success and of course love are the most important manifestations of happiness. The ancient Chinese art of fung shui (literally meaning 'wind and water') aspires of channel the universal 'chi' - the so-called breath of life - to usher in boundless joy and success.

Chi for Too

As would be expected, feng shui supreme Lillian Too lives in a world of wind and water. Billie Ooi gets to grips with geomancy on a grand scale .

Meet the other Lillian Too

The woman who usually speaks her mind is humbled by her spiritual guru. FELICIA CHONG meets a self-deprecating wife and mother whom few would recognise.

Auspicious feng shui greetings

Luck must always be glowing on feng shui exponent Lillian Too whose knowledge on the subject has brought her great fame and fortune. She has written and sold numerous books on feng shui, given countless talks on that subject and has also courses relating to the science.

Sending prosperity through the mail

THOSE who don't want to send just any kind of card to associates and loved ones should check out Lillian Too's newly-launched range of greeting cards based on feng shui or geomancy.

Feng shui cards for all occasions

ARROWANAS, tortoises, and three-legged toads are all symbols of good feng shui. "But for those who want to jazz up their love life, some peonies in the bedroom will ensure your spouse never had enough of you!" says Lillian Too, one of the most renowned Feng Shui exponents in the world.

The Luck of the Draw

THE STORY of goes pretty much according to the startup template. A computer-savvy young person set up the website and maintained it from a personal computer in the bedroom. The site's popularity grew steadily and soon caught investors' attention. Now, it is a business worth millions of ringgit.

Using feng shui to plot stock market's ebb and rise

A COMPUTER programme using the ancient Chinese art of feng shui (geomancy) to predict stock market movements is being created by feng shui expert Lillian Too.

Bid to make Malaysia world feng shui centre Exposition to promote 4,000 year-old Chinese art

The MCA English-Speaking Membership Bureau will be organizing the World Feng Shui Exposition in 2002 in a bid to make Malaysia a world famous feng shui (geomancy) centre. MCA vice-president Datuk Chua Jui Meng said the bureau wanted to promote aspects of Chinese culture to non-Chinese Malaysians.

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