Sending prosperity through the mail

New Straits Times (Weekend Life & Times ),
Saturday, 12th August 2000
By Beverly Lim

THOSE who don't want to send just any kind of card to associates and loved ones should check out Lillian Too's newly-launched range of greeting cards based on feng shui or geomancy.

These feng shui cards were specially designed by Too, probably the world's most successful writer of feng shui books. She has 42 books to her name, with more than 3.5 million copies sold worldwide in 21 languages!

At a special launch at MPH Bookstore in Mid Valley Mega Mall, Kuala Lumpur, recently, Too said: "I have specially selected an auspicious or lucky symbol for each of the greeting cards. Different symbols convey different meanings and there are captions at the back of the cards explaining these meanings. "

The cards come in different collections, each with their corresponding auspicious symbols. These include the Goldfish Collection, the Symbols of Good Fortune Collection and the "Just For You" Collection which feature, for example, tortoises for longevity and protection; or the Arrowana and gold fish for health and wealth.

The inside of the cards, however, is left blank for personal messages.

Said Too: "I believe that you must put your own energy into the cards when you send them. "

Too also gave a short talk on improving your luck with feng shui to a highly appreciative crowd.

Her advice ranged from combating disharmony in the home and office to improving one's love life by carefully selecting auspicious symbols and placing them in the right corner of one's house.

Fish in water, for example, should be placed in the north for a good career; in the east to help your eldest son; in the southeast for wealth; and in the southwest for a harmonious home.

At the end of the launch, balloons in the auspicious colours of purple and silver were given out to members of the public to write their wishes on and release.

Too's feng shui greeting cards come in sets of eight or six cards in purple and red boxes which retail at RM28.80 and RM21.80 respectively. Some collections contain two cards of each design, one to keep and the other to send away. The cards are available at all MPH Bookstore outlets.

For those wired to the Internet, you can send these feng shui cards by e-mail by logging on to, the world's first feng shui e-greeting site. The website offers hundreds of free animated greeting cards for every occasion.
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