Courting Lady Luck

Although she admits knowing next to nothing about building a Web site for electronic commerce, feng shui pundit Lillian Too respects the marketing power that the Internet offers. This came about after she saw sales of her books and registration of her feng shui courses rising beyond expectations through, a site built by her daughter, Jennifer.

Placed to Your Advantage

Put a wind chime in the east side of your house this year to ward off illness, and put a picture of a mountain or have a mountain at the back of your work area or bed to give you support in all you do. Sounds like pure superstition, yet this is the kind of advice you would expect a feng shui master to give in a house appraisal. What is odd is, in this day and age of self-empowerment and scepticism of all things supernatural or unseen, feng shui is one of the fastest growing areas of interest in the world.

In Too Minds

The omens were not good from the moment I arrived at Lillian Too's house in Bukit Pantai, her two dogs barked non-stop, so much so that even the feng shui master herself had difficulty keeping them in line.

It is said that dogs are good at sensing a person's (evil) intentions. What if Too believes in this? What if it's bad feng shui ? Will she send me away without an interview?

Lure Love with the Right Elements

Internationally acclaimed feng shui expert Lillian Too is the world's most prolific author on this subject. Her 45 books have sold nearly six million copies and her courses and lectures are inevitably sold out. She is the first Asian woman to run a bank, Grindlays Dao Heng that was then Hong Kong's sixth largest bank. An MBA from Harvard University, she is now enjoying the fruits of her success. Her answers to questions on love, romance and marriage are jotted down by KEE HUA CHEE.

Milking the Matter of Money

Lillian Too is Malaysia's highest profile feng shui expert with her 45 books having sold nearly 6 million copies. Today, she is internationally recognised as the master of the esoteric science of the way of wind and water.

Her glittering career peaked when she became the first woman in Asia to run a bank, the Grindlays Dao Heng Bank, then the sixth largest local bank in Hong Kong. If this Harvard MBA graduate insists her success is due to good feng shui and its correct application, even corporate bigwigs sit up and listen.

At Home with Lillian Too

Lillian Too, possibly the world's most famous and prolific writer on feng shui, practises what she preaches, writes KEE HUA CHEE. Her home in Pantai Hill, Kuala Lumpur is not only built to the most stringent and favourable feng shui principles, it also has a veritable temple where high-ranking Tibetan lamas stay when in town!

Get That Red Wallet

When feng shui queen Lillian Too says money, money; it's easy, honey, when you know how... pay attention. This is a woman who rearranged her furniture, redesigned her house and her life. And made money. "It's easy really, you just have to create the right chi." says the banker-turned-geomancy consultant.

Lillian Too - The Feng Shui lady

Stepping into Lillian Too's house in Bukit Pantai, you can't help but feel a sense of relaxation and peace. There is a central courtyard and fountain right in the middle of her main hall. In her Chinese garden outside, there is a six-tiered Feng Shui fountain, which symbolizes good luck. This youthful and vivacious fifty-five year old Feng Shui practitioner and author has turned her home into a true sanctuary from the hectic world outside.

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