Lillian Too - The Feng Shui lady

Ezy Health,
Jan 2001
By Wan Ee Lin

Stepping into Lillian Too's house in Bukit Pantai, you can't help but feel a sense of relaxation and peace. There is a central courtyard and fountain right in the middle of her main hall. In her Chinese garden outside, there is a six-tiered Feng Shui fountain, which symbolizes good luck. This youthful and vivacious fifty-five year old Feng Shui practitioner and author has turned her home into a true sanctuary from the hectic world outside.

Not many people know that Lillian is a Harvard graduate and was one of the top bankers in Asia. Once they do, they want to know why this Western-educated woman dabbles in the ancient Chinese science. After all, she did turn her back on a highly successful career as the first woman to head public listed company in Malaysia and the first woman to be appointed CEO of a bank in Asia.

Lillian said she was looking to discover her own roots and culture when she stumbled onto Feng Shui. "I studied Feng Shui when I was working in Hong Kong. I sat down with old Feng Shui masters who taught me all there is to know about it. I also did a lot of reading on the topic. I find that Feng Shui is a beautiful philosophy on how to live one's life. Feng Shui is also about good, sound common sense," she said. "Feng Shui works because I have seen it work. I have practiced Feng Shui and it has helped me in many ways. One of the miracles Feng Shui has helped to give me is Jennifer, my lovely daughter. For many years, my husband and I tried conceiving, but to no avail. Then, we decided to build our present house following the Feng Shui concept. Four months after we moved in, I became pregnant. We have never looked back ever since."

Today, the mother of one working daughter has 47 titles in 24 languages to her credit, all of which have sold six million copies worldwide. She is the top-selling Feng Shui author in the world and has made it to the number one spot in the bestseller lists in Singapore, UK and US.

Thinking Positive

According to her, there are three types of luck governed by the Feng Shui concept - heaven luck (bestowed by God),good earth luck (living according to the Feng Shui concepts) and luck created by human themselves - which she believes governs our destiny. "Your attitude in life determines your luck. Especially in less productive times like this, you must remain positive," Too said.

But how can one be positive? "You must cross out all negative thoughts. If you don't get something you really yearn for, there are still other opportunities available. But if you're the kind of person who believes that things will always go wrong with you, they will. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy," she explains. "Worrying only makes the situation worse. It would be far more productive to think of alternative solutions."

Staying Healthy

"I make it a point to take a one-hour walk with my dogs every morning," Too said. "On top of that, I watch my food intake carefully. I do not go on diets or anything like that, but I make sure I eat nutritious food." Lillian is a true believer in the benefits of reflexology, too. She does a full body reflexology session three times a week and uses Chinese massage balls regularly. "Reflexology improves blood circulation. After each session, I can literally feel my body glow," she says. "My finger joints - which used to get stiff quite often due to repetitive typing - do not give me any problems after I exercise using the Chinese massage balls."

Success In Life

Sharing her success formula, Too said, "Whatever I do, I am true to myself. When I set my heart on something, I go all out to get it." Lillian also thinks that women can claim their place in the business world and be leaders in whatever areas they have set their minds on. "If a woman commands respect, respect will be given," she said confidently. "Even in an Asian environment such as ours, women can go far."
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