Lillian Too, Feng Shui Master Extraordinaire.

Lillian Too, the most prolific Feng Shui writer in the world, has written over 50 books on Feng Shui, the Chinese geomancy that to its detractors is a type of New Age sugar water but to its legion of adherents a sure way to make everything better. She was the first Malaysian woman to head a public-listed company and the first Asian woman CEO of a bank (Hong Kong's Grindlays Dao Heng Bank).

Concubine, wife or matriarch?

Is your idea of femininity that of being able to please and to charm the man in your life? The concubine can see herself bearing the children of her partner, but they will always come second in her priorities. If you are a concubine, in your view of the world the man's role is that of the breadwinner. Thus he provides for you, keeps you in style, swathes you in diamonds and looks after your welfare. Your role is to please him in all ways and to pleasure away all the stress and pressure of his life.

Dragons, Toads and Me

Residents of Mohammad Ali Road, Dadar and perhaps even Peddar Road may suddenly develop an affinity for antique cannons. For Feng Shui expert Lillian Too has made an important pronouncement. "Flyover outside your window is no good. But you can deflect the bad energy by placing a cannon or a mirror there." said the world-famous interior decorator of sorts, who professes to change people's lives with the gelp of white dragons, waterfalls and windchimes.

Bring Feng Shui Into Your Kitchen

FARZANA CONTRACTOR interviews world renowned Feng Shui expert LILLIAN TOO and gets her to do the Feng Shui of her home kitchen.

LILLIAN TOO, the leading Feng Shui expert of the world, is an Oriental Oprah Winfrey of a woman. Large, jolly, extremely colourful in thought, speech and attire, warm-hearted, sympathetic, and a great lover of food.

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