Too Legit To Quit

She may look like an auntie hell-bent on marrying off as many people as she can, but Lillian Too's exploits in marketing Feng Shui making it a multi-million ringgit industry are nothing short of pure business genius.

If people are wondering how successful Too is, or in other words, how much money she has made over the years from the Feng Shui business, just consider this example: Too holds beginner Feng Shui classes four times every year, and advanced class once a year.

Too's Take on Feng Shui

Lillian Too commands bigger venue this year for feng shui talk. Whether you want to boost your career, protect yourself from bad fortune or just want to know what the Year of the Rooster has in store for you, Lillian Too will always have an answer for you.

Feng shui for everyday living

ASTRO subscribers who can’t get enough of feng shui or want to know more about the subject are in for a treat as beginning tomorrow, best-selling writer and author of all things feng shui Lillian Too, will meet viewers in her weekly new series, The Lillian Too Show.

Feng Shui World Launched! (The Star)

There is a lot more to life than merely making a living, said MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

He said people should practise a philosophy that would enable them to do good for society, adding that they should follow the natural law of cause and effect.

Feng Shui World Launched! (New Straits Times)

The popularity of feng shui has reached a phenomenal level and World of Feng Shui Sdn Bhd has decided to take the lead in setting up feng shui boutiques across the world.

Chief executive and director Jennifer Too, the daughter of feng shui expert Lillian Too, said interest in feng shui worldwide was growing, with people turning to feng shui to improve their quality of life.

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