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The Malay Mail,
Monday 17th January 2005

Lillian Too commands bigger venue this year for feng shui talk.

Whether you want to boost your career, protect yourself from bad fortune or just want to know what the Year of the Rooster has in store for you, Lillian Too will always have an answer for you.

Too is arguably the most successful 'feng shui' practitioner and writer (she doesn't want to be called a feng shui master) in the region, having written 48 books which are translated into 27 languages.

Besides writing, Too is most passionate to share her 'feng shui' knowledge with people.

After all, feng shui has benefited her tremendously. And Too believes it can be learnt and practised by anyone.

She said feng shui had nothing to do with religion or anything spiritual it is a practical skill which can beapplied daily.

"Everyone can use feng shui. If you get it right, you'll see results," said Too at a press conference recently.

Too has held new year 'Feng Shui' seminars here in the last four years. They've become so popular that she needs a bigger venue this year.

This time, the talk entitled The Amazing World of Feng Shui '05 by Lillian Too will be held at the capacious Genting's Arena of Stars on Jan 23 at 3pm.

For this talk, she will give tips and advice on how to maximise your luck in business and career.

As feng shui is about balancing energy, Too will also talk about how to move energy in 2005.

Feng shui is not only about bringing you good luck and wealth. It's also about protecting you from harm, be it illness or other calamities.

She said for instance, if your main door is in the wrong direction which could bring bad luck she will teach you how to remedy it.

Too predicted that 2005 would be a difficult and tough year.

"This is because the Wood Rooster year is dominated by wood and metal elements and these elements will clash",she said. She added this is a year with weak earth and hidden fire, a possible sign of danger and disaster.

She also said it would be a year with no lap chun, or spring, which signified no beginning and no growth. But at the talk, participants will learn how to simulate their own Spring, at home or at work, to herald a more favourable and prosperous new year.

Too believes she's a living proof of someone who has successfully practised feng shui.

"You must put your own house in order before you teach others," said Too, the founder and chairman of, a feng shui merchandising and franchise company, and the Lillian Too Certified Consultants Institute, which runs correspondence courses and certification programmes in feng shui.

Too has followers from the US Australia, Europe to Japan, India and Indonesia. Too, who just turned 60, also has a supportive husband of 40 years and a happy family.

As money is no longer what drives her now, Too said: "What motivates me is the desire to share my knowledge of feng shui with others."

I've used feng shui to help myself and now I want to help others too.

* Tickets to 'The Amazing World of Feng Shui '05 by Lillian Too' are at RM48, RM38 and RM28. Genting Worldcard and MPH Reader's Circle members can enjoy special member discounts while the first 1,000 purhcasers will be given a 15 per cent discount. For bookings or enquiries, call 03-2718 1118
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