Lillian Too's feng shui success is legendary. Number one in the world and still going strong!!! She is renowned for making feng shui a worldwide phenomenon ... Acclaimed for making feng shui fun & easy ... Her books have sold millions of copies worldwide and translated into 30 languages. Many people have been inspired by her success... YOU CAN BE TOO!

Come and be inspired by her amazing energy & generosity
Come and be charmed by her many heartwarming stories
Come and be motivated by her approach to luck & life
Come and share special secrets that have made her such a success in everything she has ever done in her life

Lillian teaches every course herself. You will have plenty of opportunity to get up close & personal and in the process learn plenty of feng shui! Lillian holds nothing back ...


23rd to 28th April 2018

This is an excellent foundation course on the modern practice of classical space feng shui focusing exclusively on exterior and interior feng shui for houses and apartments. Learn to spot and disarm feng shui threats, read the chi flow of roads, rivers and buildings and methods for selecting land. Learn to work with the symbols of feng shui and apply the two most powerful space compass formulas effectively in your living spaces. Formulas covered include: Landscape Feng Shui, Pakua Formula and Eight Mansions. This course includes a special blessing ceremony to activate your feng shui eye.

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