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Paht Chee is a powerful system of Chinese destiny analysis that complements the practice of feng shui and reveals what kind of wealth & success potential a person has and how one can unlock this wealth. It is also a great method of predicting when one’s marriage & family luck will ripen. When Paht Chee charts and luck pillars are correctly analyzed, they very accurately predict one’s good fortune and misfortune years.

This will be a five-day program which combines a series of lectures as well as plenty of practical work with the charts. The first part of the course focuses on reading the Paht Chee chart which offers the preliminary basis of reading its accompanying ten-year luck pillars. The Paht Chee chart and luck pillars are based on a method of computation that relies on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Lillian Too's course on Paht Chee focuses on how to analyze the charts. Any beginner can learn to read the charts and become adept at predicting their destiny. LILLIAN simplifies the analytical side of fortune telling, discarding confusing terminology and focusing on making the technical side of reading the charts easy to grasp and enjoyable to learn. In no time at all everyone at the course will be having fun unveiling the secrets of their own destiny...
Benefits Of Knowing Paht Chee
Paht Chee can be used to analyze the compatibility of two people considering marriage, or any group of people going into business together or entering into an employer/employee relationship.
14th - 19th Oct 2019
  • Paht Chee enhances your practice of Feng Shui
  • Paht Chee gives you a competitive edge in life
  • Paht Chee gives you control of your own destiny
  • Paht Chee tells you when to take precautions to prevent bad luck
  • Paht Chee tells you when to take risks and make it big
How to register
Please email Connie at for the detailed course itinerary, course fee, accommodation package and Course Registration Form or call us at +603-2080-3488.

Venue: WOFS HQ, Northpoint Office, Level 17, Mid Valley City, No 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Office Hours : Monday to Friday
9.00am - 6.00pm (Malaysian Time)

Spaces for each course are limited!
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