Get That Red Wallet

Faces Magazine,
January 2002

When feng shui queen Lillian Too says money, money; it's easy, honey, when you know how... pay attention. This is a woman who rearranged her furniture, redesigned her house and her life. And made money. "It's easy really, you just have to create the right chi." says the banker-turned-geomancy consultant. Chi, or energy, determines the flow of life, and if money is short, or the married life is in shambles, there is a reason. Stuck in traffic jams, drivers who aren't listening to drive-time radio may want to slip in Lillian Too's Feng Shui CD. It may not be a chartbuster, but drivers will sit up and take notice when Too explains money-attracting vibrations with money-making tunes filling up their ears.

In Too's brand of feng shui, the reasons could be anything from something as obvious as a tree blocking luck to something inherently structural. Offensive energy-blocking pillars, doors that get in the way, badly-placed mirrors to figuring out the best direction for wealth, fame career, romance, family, health - it's all here.

"There are many easy ways to create good feng shui for your home and office. When you know about feng shui, you know how to avoid misfortunes, dissolve bad luck and protect yourself from people who want to harm you."

Too has just about amazed everyone who seek her and that could be just about everyone; from celebrities in Hollywood to the ironmonger who just rediscovered and salvaged his business. With 42 titles and millions in book sales, Too's feng shui tops and explanations are widely read from New York to Budapest. And when they are not reading, they are consulting her on home redecoration as well as the most propitious direction for their needs.

"Or they can listen to her CD which was released by Universal Music," says one of their A&R executives. And after that. it is just a matter of reconfiguring details.

"I know it made a difference. After reading a feng shui article. I followed the advice and my life and fortunes simply went up," says an interior design consultant. "I knocked down some walls, repositioned my door, shifted my bed and the results began to show immediately." Sometimes it can even mean having two front doors.

"I have my own door, which is determined by my direction, and my husband has his," says Too. Two doors might seem odd but at the Too household, doors at awkward angles, pets and sounds of water have attracted good fortune and prosperity. But after the hardsell, what next" Too advises her acolytes to get familiar with the feng shui Pak Hua.

"The feng shui Pak Hua is an eight-sided symbol which signifies the eight directions - North, South, East and West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest." To determine direction, feng shui enthusiasts use a good compass and learn directions.

"You must know how to identify the eight compass directions and the corners of your home since each direction means something." teaches Too.

What's Feng Shui

Too emphasises that feng shui or the art of geomancy changes fortunes and improve luck. She'll have you know that feng shui is the art of living in harmony with your environment. It is a set of principles for you to get in tune with the vibrations around you. There. Get to work.

What it is not

Feng shui is often misunderstood. Some think it is a religion or that it involves religious rituals. It is as precise a science and imaginative as art. It is really an enhanced understanding of the environment and not some dark art to be feared. There are no mysteries here.

Money, money, lots of money

When Lillian Too speaks, the feng shui Queen is like some dowager dispensing financial advice that would floor hard-nosed Wall Street types. It is simply unconventional, but practical. And as Too says "Start immediately."

Seeing Red

Get a red purse or wallet. It attracts money. Fashionable? Maybe, and then maybe not? But if it's attracting money, that's more fashionable than Prada, lor?

The Sound of Water

Create moving yang water to attract money. Install a small fountain or miniature waterfull. Ugly meh? Hoi! You want money or not? All right-lah have an aquarium. And keep it in the living room. "Water should never be used in the bedroom as it creates loss."


More of this generates more money. The ornamental gold coins can be placed around the house, behind pictures, underneath the carpet. If you are building a new home, plaster them into the walls.

Hidden Treasures

Symbolic maybe, but a strong steel box buried in the West part of the garden is another consideration.

Sailing Ships

Yet another symbol that generates money as it was used by old merchants.

Mirror the Wealth

Place it at the dining area and whatever is on the table is reflected in the area giving it a double appearance. That generates abundance.

Make a Wish List

Sign it 49 times each day for 49 days. A secret ritual that is bound to appeal.

Prosperity Signature

Start with a firm upward stroke and end with another firm upward stroke.

God of Wealth

If you are Chinese, get this deity and keep it for obvious reasons. If you are non-Chinese, find your own cultural symbol and if it's Santa Claus, why not?
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