Feng shui cards for all occasions

The Star METRO,
Friday, 11th August 2000
By Renee Choong

ARROWANAS, tortoises, and three-legged toads are all symbols of good feng shui.

"But for those who want to jazz up their love life, some peonies in the bedroom will ensure your spouse never had enough of you!" says Lillian Too, one of the most renowned Feng Shui exponents in the world.

Be cautious though, because this kind of magic only works for those up to 40 years old, quipped the bubbly lady.

She jokingly adds that is one chose to ignore the master rule, then the husband will have flings with a sweet young thing instead!

Whether you take heed of such advice or not, Feng Shui is all about believing and following.

"Feng Shui will work if you believe it will work," says Too.

Too, a Harvard MBA graduate, was at Mid Valley Megamall recently to launch her new line of Feng Shui greeting cards which are currently sold at MPH bookstores.

She also took the opportunity to introduce her free ECards available on her website
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