Auspicious feng shui greetings

The Sun Lifestyle,
Thursday, August 24 2000

Author Lillian Too's feng shui cards can be sent the usual way or via the Net

By Ravi Nambiar

Luck must always be glowing on feng shui exponent Lillian Too whose knowledge on the subject has brought her great fame and fortune.

She has written and sold numerous books on feng shui, given countless talks on that subject and has also courses relating to the science.

Just when one might be forgiven for thinking that she has run out of ideas on the subject, she has come out with yet another innovative money-making idea.

Too has created a series of feng shui greeting cards which were launched recently. She also launched a website on her cards - - for people to send greetings to their families, friends, and acquaintances through the Net.

"Feng shui can be easy or difficult to follow but my style is the easy one," Too says.

She adds that with the easy feng shui method, there is no need to do that many calculations or to use the compass countless times.

Easy feng shui works just as well as difficult feng shui, Too declares.

In easy feng shui, one would depend on auspicious colours and symbols.

"The feng shui cards designed by me have all the auspicious symbols in them," Too says.

She cites the terrapin as a creature which is supposed to bring longevity, protection and luck if placed in the north direction of a house.

Too also says that the Arrowana fish is supposed to bring good luck and wealth to its owner. "But it is very expensive to own an Arrowana and you must feed it with live fish which is bad karma.

However, my cards have plenty of Arrowana and terrapins on them. "For the living Arrowana, placing it in the North, East, South-East or South-West directions bring luck, otherwise the fish becomes ferocious and affects the well-being of the family," she says.

Too says if one cannot have the bona fide symbols, the pictures in her cards are just as good Too also says that the goldfish are auspicious creatures and placing them in bubbly water brings out a lively atmosphere and lots of yang.

"Place the goldfish at the North and it is good for your career, put it in the East and it will help your eldest son, South-East and it brings money while the South-West makes the family harmonious."

Lillian also offers several other tips for easy feng shui.

    To stop quarrelling with your husband, place some water in the South-West corner of the house.
    Peonies are supposed to jazz up a faltering love life but is not advisable if your husband is above 40 years old.
    Placing a crystal in the South-West and allowing the light to shine on it brings out good and beautiful emotions.

All these auspicious symbols are in Too's feng shui cards. "If you cannot have the real thing, the pictures are just as good and they are all in the cards."All these auspicious symbols are in Too's feng shui cards. "If you cannot have the real thing, the pictures are just as good and they are all in the cards."

"However, we must have a balance and cannot overdo on the symbols as too much of anything is no good and causes inbalance," she warns.

Too's cards are also for a good cause as all her profits go to charitable causes.

"The cards are done in series and this year, it is the Kuan Yin (Chinese goddess of mercy) while my idea for next year is on the Hindu deities as they are so beautiful," she says.

Among her other luck bringing cards in this series is the Laughing Buddha meant to bring happiness, wealth cards such as the three-legged frog, cranes, dragons, tortoises and wealth bowls.

Each card has a different image meant to bring good luck and is designed by Too on her computer.

They are now available in sets of six and eight at major bookstores including MPH Bookstores.
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