Malaysia Airlines Flies In Feng Shui Master

Manila Standard Today,
Friday, 26th January 2007

Much like a precious Tiffany diamond or a priceless Juan Luna painting requiring careful handling, a person of great distinction and honor deserves similar exceptional treatment.

Lillian Too, the world’s most popular writer and Master in Feng Shui, rightfully deserves to be in that distinct category. Formerly a top Asian banker, she has been making waves in the literary world for writing over 100 feng shui books translated into 40 languages with over 10 million copies sold worldwide and countless feng shui consultations to private individuals and various organizations and corporations. She has parlayed this success into an international chain of feng shui boutiques, the World of Feng Shui, whose main branch is in Malaysia. She also founded and is the current chair of, a flourishing e-commerce site dedicated to educating and promoting the feng shui way of life.

Her accomplishments deserve nothing less than the royal treatment and no other airlines is capable of this better than Malaysia Airlines.

Since 1947, Malaysia Airlines has become one of the most admired airlines worldwide. It continues to enhance its in-flight and ground serves, as well as the necessary infrastructure to keep up with the ever-growing demand for local and international flights. Proofs of this undying commitment to giving the best customer service are the awards they have garnered through the years.

Last Jan.11, it was awarded the “Best Airline to Asia” at the prestigious Annual Global Awards in London, England.

Marites C.B, Allen, president and CEO of WOFS Philippines, Inc, and a feng shui expert herself, together with Goh Meng Kheng, country manager of Malaysia Airlines joined forces to fly-in Ms. Too and her entourage for this year’s Philippine Feng Shui Extravaganza 2007, titled “Getting Rich and Staying Safe in the Year of the Fire Boar 2007,” with Lillian Too and Marites Allen. The Feng Shui Extravaganza is the annual gathering in the country.
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