Tips for Entrepreneurs !!

There are several ways to use Feng Shui as a tool to enhance business success.

These vary from methods aimed at increasing turnover at retail establishments like boutiques and restaurants, franchise outlets and bank branches - to using special compass school formulae for arranging office orientations that improve the prosperity (or wealth-generating) luck of business premises and offices.

Feng Shui features, when introduced into factories often improve employee productivity and smooth work flows.

The business people of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan regularly introduce Feng Shui features to their business establishments, and many would not make major structural or design changes without consulting the Feng Shui man.

Perhaps that is why commercial enterprises tend to be so successful in these countries! In Hong Kong, taxi driver and tycoon alike hold similar reverence and respect for Feng Shui.

The same holds true for the Chinese of Taiwan, and increasingly in recent years, of Singapore and Malaysia as well.

The revival of interest in this ancient science has extended even to western educated new generation scions who manage inherited businesses.

Most subscribe to an acknowledged potency in Feng Shui.

To ensure your office building has good Feng Shui, check the surrounding roads and neighbouring buildings to ensure you are not suffering the killing breath of Poison Arrows.

Be on the lookout for bodies of water which often bring good luck.

Feng Shui can also be applied to the interior decor of your offices, and for good measure, you can investigate your personal auspicious directions (based on the formulae of the Pa Kua Lo Shu School) in my book Applied Feng Shui and then activate them by orientating your main door and your sitting position in an auspicious direction.
Activating the presence of water leads to loss - loss of money and loss of relationships. Water features refer to paintings with river, waterfalls and lakes. They also refer to aquariums. Glasses of water by the bedside are fine.
If you wish, you may try this: activate the North corner of your office by placing a small aquarium or fishbowl there.
There are several ways to use Feng Shui as a tool to enhance business success.
The Chinese believe that in every woman's lifetime she has several opportunities of marriage, and that each of these opportunities represents a crossroad.
The best way to tap into the health benefits of Feng Shui is to discover the direction that is best in alignment with your best health luck according to the compass formula contained in my book APPLIED PA KUA LO SHU FENG SHUI.
When looking for ideal feng shui locations follow the Form School of Feng Shui and then build your home according to your personal best directions.
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