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The Chinese believe that in every woman's lifetime she has several opportunities of marriage, and that each of these opportunities represents a crossroad. Some of these opportunities are stronger than others, and some represent a better future than others. These opportunities are part of her Heaven Luck. How and what she makes of these opportunities depend on her Earth Luck and her Man Luck. (In Chinese, Tien Ti and Ren Choy).

It is in this context that Feng Shui can be of some help. Feng Shui is the manifestation of Earth Luck, and if a woman can knowingly arrange her living surroundings in such a way as to promote good auspicious luck in the area of romance, marriage and family alike, she will have improved her chances of achieving happiness in a good marriage that leads to a happy and contented family life.

For men, romance and marriage luck also work in the same way, but readers must understand that Chinese cultural tradition accepts the arrangement of multiple wives and concubines. To the Chinese mind, marital arrangements comprise the chief wife and also secondary wives. Thus it is the number one wife who is recognized as the mistress of the household - but there is also room for secondary wives, and even of mistresses. In modern day Chinese households, especially those of overseas Chinese who have lived in western cultures for generations, much of this tradition is considered as so much nonsense. Nevertheless, understanding the benefits of tapping Feng Shui luck must be seen in this context.

Good marriage luck for women indicate they will become happy first wives, and that even if the husband strays, or has a wandering eye, he will continue to respect and provide for the first wife, and that his children by her will take precedence at all family occasions.

Thus Feng Shui strenuously advise women against having mirrors in the bedrooms, having a fish pond or aquarium on the right hand side of the main door of their homes, or having the toilet located in the marriage or family corners of the home. These and other guidelines are part of both Landscape and Compass School Feng Shui.

A happy family life, where misunderstandings and quarrels between husband and wife, and between siblings are the exception rather than the rule, and where children grow up filial and obedient - bringing honour to the family name - these are part and parcel of the promise of good Feng Shui.

In addition, where there is good Feng Shui, auspicious and balanced Chi also bring about balance into the physical bodies of individuals thereby promoting good health and a general absence of illnesses and disease.

This chapter thus focuses on the specific methods that can be activated to harness non-material benefits from the practice of Feng Shui.

According to the life situations method of activating Feng Shui luck, every abode - house or apartment - has a marriage corner. This is represented by the Trigram Kun, which symbolizes the Earth Mother. Kun is also symbolic of strong Yin and represents fertility. It directly complements the Trigram Chien, which means strong Yang. The marriage corner is thus represented by the South-West corner of the home.

To activate your marriage corner and increase the chances of serious romance into your life, first locate your marriage corner. If you live in a house or apartment, make sure that your toilets/bathrooms or kitchens are not located in the South-West corner.

Toilets are especially harmful, since this literally means flushing away all your marriage prospects. If you find you have a toilet placed in exactly the South-West corner of your home, and there is nothing you can do about it, then stop using this toilet altogether.

If you are already married and you perceive your marriage to be in trouble, this might also be the cause. When toilets are located in the marriage corner, marriages tend to get into trouble. Having toilets located in the family corner can also sometimes cause family problems. This is the East corner of the house. Readers will find that every corner of the home represents one of the desirable aspirations of living, and it is up to each reader to decide what is most important in his/her life. One might well ask then, where the toilets of a home can be located since placing it anywhere seems to cause problem of one kind or another.

The author has found that this depends on the individual. It is perhaps interesting to note that in the palaces and homes of the wealthy Mandarins of olden China, there were no toilets. Nor were there bathrooms. These are modern day creations of Western cultures. In the old days, bathtubs were filled with water by servants and maids and then taken away each time the master or mistress needed a bath. Other bodily ablutions were handled the same way.

If your South-West corner is missing, due to the shape of your home or apartment, it can also cause marriage problems. The solution then is to erect a wall mirror on a side of the wall to extend out the corner, thereby apparently creating space in the South-West corner. This is shown in the diagram here.

When using mirrors this way, do make certain that the mirror is at least as high as the tallest person in the home since having it too low has the effect of cutting off the heads of residents.

It is also possible to actually activate the marriage corner, thereby vastly improving one's marriage prospects. This is done by hanging a red Chinese marriage knot in the South-West corner, or hanging the Chinese characters signifying double happiness (a symbol of conjugal bliss). These items can be easily purchased at very little cost from any of the emporiums or curio shops in your local Chinatown. In countries of the Far East where there are significant Chinese populations, these and other items recommended in other parts of this book are freely available.

For more tips on activating your marriage luck, refer to Lillian Too's books on Feng Shui.
Activating the presence of water leads to loss - loss of money and loss of relationships. Water features refer to paintings with river, waterfalls and lakes. They also refer to aquariums. Glasses of water by the bedside are fine.
If you wish, you may try this: activate the North corner of your office by placing a small aquarium or fishbowl there.
There are several ways to use Feng Shui as a tool to enhance business success.
The Chinese believe that in every woman's lifetime she has several opportunities of marriage, and that each of these opportunities represents a crossroad.
The best way to tap into the health benefits of Feng Shui is to discover the direction that is best in alignment with your best health luck according to the compass formula contained in my book APPLIED PA KUA LO SHU FENG SHUI.
When looking for ideal feng shui locations follow the Form School of Feng Shui and then build your home according to your personal best directions.
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