Lillian Too debuts the Third Dimension of Feng Shui in Singapore

Fifteen years ago, Lillian Too embarked on a journey to demystify and distill the practice of feng shui into easy-to-use English language which not only made publishing history; it put feng shui on the world map. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge on this deep and encompassing subject sparked an international awakening in the subject of feng shui, drawing practitioners and readers from all over the world. But so far, in all of her 300 over books, she has revealed the secrets of only the first two out of three dimensions of feng shui – namely, space and time. Now, for the first time, Lillian feels that the world is ready to learn about the third and most powerful dimension of feng shui; the spiritual dimension.

Lillian’s Third Dimension of Feng Shui talk in Singapore turned out to be a wonderful and encouraging success. We had expected about 500 people to sign up, but more than 1000 individuals from all over the world convened at the Suntec Centre on June 27th to hear her speak about this subject. In her introduction Lillian humbly confessed that this talk was an experiment to see if her readers were ready to learn such powerful stuff… and indeed they were! By the end of the 8-hour talk, Lillian’s fans were asking for more! Many wrote in their feedback forms that the talk was too short to cover all the good stuff that was shared and wanted to know much more!!

In her talk, Lillian explained that she had already spent a good ten years popularizing and simplifying methods for all of us to tap into the first two types of luck that govern outcomes in our lives– tien (heaven), and ti (earth) luck. Lillian first taught us to use feng shui form (landscape and symbols) and formulas (Kua and Water Formula) to harness luck from the earth. Then she also taught us how to understand cycles of our heaven luck through Destiny Analysis (Paht Chee) and how to benefit or overcome obstacles caused by the cyclic changes of time through the use of Flying Star Feng Shui.

Now, Lillian says she is ready to share her knowledge on how we can tap into the knowledge of Ren Chai (Mankind Luck), which requires us to use the power of our own mind and sacred rituals to enlist the help of cosmic forces in the spiritual realm to overcome obstacles and bring success into our lives. It is important to stress that this dimension is not religious, but it is spiritual. It is not logical, but magical.

Read more about what was covered in her talk (including the amazing Incense Offering Ritual) in our upcoming issue of Feng Shui World , where we go deeper into what the Third Dimension means and reveal the secret to multiplying the benefits of your feng shui practice. Our digital version will even have video footage of Lillian’s talk!

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