Lillian Too's Melbourne Extravaganza 2006

Lillian Too's Melbourne Extravaganza 2006 was held last weekend at the Crown Towers Hotel, Palladium. This annual event was well attended with over 600 people. Lillian Too is a popular Feng Shui icon in Australia, and the participants were more then happy to see their favorite teacher for the second time, first in 2005 and now in 2006. Her easy to understand methods of teaching feng shui brought together people from all backgrounds and parts of Australia in this highly energetic event.

The talk covered Practical Feng Shui principles as well as Important Annual Updates for 2006 on the first day with many participants staying on to learn the mystical arts of personal forecasting held on the following day. Paht Chee otherwise known as 4 Pillars of Destiny is fast becoming a popular subject of interest among most Australians, and increasingly used in conjunction with feng shui.

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Above: The Paht Chee class
Above: Lillian autographs books and meets the participants
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