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Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Astrology & Feng Shui 2018 - Snake

Published Year : 2017

The SNAKE in 2018 enjoys powerful indications of superlative success – the feng shui star of 8 in its sector and the highest auspicious energies of the lung-ta bringing a powerfully vigorous WINDHORSE, so prosperity and success are on the cards for this sign. You also benefit strongly from the energies of the Star of Heavenly Seal. This year continues the outstanding luck of the previous year. The main thing lacking could be your own life force and spirit essence. You must generate strong self-motivation to augment your confidence. Do this by wearing the big OM Pendant!

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Astrology & Feng Shui 2018 - Dragon

Published Year : 2017

The DRAGON in 2018 benefits hugely from the feng shui star of 8, which brings abundance and success and also enhances your vitality. The strength of the #8 winds as ruler of the current period overrides the weaker aspects of this year’s other indications affecting your sign. So it is extremely beneficial to activate the #8 star by prominently displaying the mansion of the powerful Lord of all Protectors, the great Guru Rinpoche. This will overcome obstacles that block you from achieving all that you want. Balance the shortage of the METAL element in this year’s Annual Paht Chee chart by hanging metallic windchimes, and wear the King Gesar ring to protect your weak spirit essence.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Astrology & Feng Shui 2018 - Rabbit

Published Year : 2017

The RABBIT in 2018 is feeling confident and very strong indeed, brought by more than encouraging indications in your life force and spirit essence. This sign enjoys splendid SUCCESS luck and there is Victory coming your way in spite of tough situations and the challenge of people betraying your trust. There is stress arising from the nasty 7 star, which brings duplicity and treachery. You must wear the HUM pendant to dispel these betrayals and to stay strong in spite of gossip and backbiting. Let the successes that come your way ignite your amazing resilience. Rejoice that your lung ta, the powerful indicator of success, is at a very high level.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Astrology & Feng Shui 2018 - Tiger

Published Year : 2017

The TIGER in 2018 feels superbly energized. There are excellent indications that the year will be one of powerful vigour and success-bringing vitality. Your life force reading is excellent, your inner chi potency is very good, and the Earth Seal Star in your compass sector in this year of Double Earth makes it a powerfully auspicious star! Collectively, your good stars enhance your spiritual aura, curb illness chi and enables you to benefit from the Star of Big Auspicious. The blight in your year indication is the presence of the quarrelsome star of #3, which brings conflicts and unnecessary hostility. You need to suppress this.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Astrology & Feng Shui 2018 - Ox

Published Year : 2017

The OX in 2018 enjoys excellent "lung ta", which brings spectacular success luck. You also sit next to the Star of Big Auspicious. There are good business prospects and exciting new opportunities coming your way. Much good luck can manifest for you this year, including some powerful victories. But the # 3 star indicates hostility and the bitterness of fighting energies can cast a long shadow. Unless you use the placement of powerful feng shui remedies to neutralize poison arrows aimed at you, your low spirit essence can make you vulnerable to your own weaknesses. Wear amulets at all times, especially the large OM pendant.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Astrology & Feng Shui 2018 - Rat

Published Year : 2017

The RAT in 2018 must use symbolic placements to overcome an array of feng shui problems. The good news is that your luck in the past three years has enabled you to amass a spectacular arsenal of spiritual strength and inner confidence. This helps you withstand the powerful wu wang, which blows negative Earth winds your way. Health issues emerge; and at work, difficulties caused by envy and office politics arise. You are experiencing weak life force and your spirit essence is also low. This means you MUST invite in powerful feng shui remedies to suppress these manifestations of bad luck. You are an incredibly resilient sign, and this year you benefit enormously from having the image of the WINDHORSE near you.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2017 - Boar

Published Year : 2016

The BOAR in 2017 benefits from excellent life force, dominant inner chi potency, and the presence of the Golden Deity Star. These enhance your spiritual aura, helping you curb illness afflictions. The Boar’s luck radiates inwards and outwards and personal popularity hits high notes. You are strong and smart, and your inner vitality makes you ready to take on any challenge. Your elemental astrology is at its highest levels, so you can reach for the skies. Use correct and powerful feng shui elemental magnifiers and remedies to subdue illness obstacles and reinforce your personal lung ta energy.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2017 - Dog

Published Year : 2016

The DOG enters 2017 inspired by the celestial intensity of the Golden Deity Star in your chart. New interests with mystical and transcendental overtones beckon and this year is when excellent spiritual feng shui will help subdue worldly aches and ailments brought by the #2 illness energy star. Meanwhile, an awakening of auspicious realizations brings windfall luck from 2017’s Paht Chee chart, where your sign receives and shares the Star of Money Bags. Strongly energize your time and space feng shui and activate this star to enjoy excellent money luck bursting forth in the summer and autumn months.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2017 - Rooster

Published Year : 2016

The ROOSTER’s strong “lung ta” brings solid hidden luck that channels powerful success and enables you to beat competitive colleagues and aggravations brought by the #3 star. Avoid open conflicts. Deflect quarrelsome energies and wear red! 2017 is dominated by your own sign. This brings you the support of the Tai Sui, the all-powerful Lord of the year, lifting you to new levels of success. Follow the advice given within the pages here to trigger your multiple talents and capabilities to blossom. Let these pave the way to new attainments. Be positive. Feel your inner strength emerge!

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2017 - Monkey

Published Year : 2016

The MONKEY enjoys splendid SUCCESS luck in 2017. Victory comes in spite of tough situations and the challenge of depending on others who betray you. Difficulties affecting your moods and causing you to stress arise from the nasty 7 star, which brings duplicity and treachery. Rise above these afflictions. Stay strong amidst the ill winds of gossip. Let the successes that come your way ignite your amazing resilience. Take comfort that your lung ta the powerful indicator of success is at its highest level, bringing sure and certain victory. He who laughs last laughs the loudest!

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