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Lillian Too's Fortune and Feng Shui 2007

Published Year : 2006

Once again brings you valuable clues and insights into what the new year holds for you in terms of work, success potential, new opportunities, health issues, love, romance and marriage prospects. Now BIGGER & BETTER than ever, you can discover how to maximize your luck, know what element works best for you, which gemstones make you sparkle brighter than ever and which are the months you are on a roll and when to lie low. This book also contains all the remedies needed to avert bad luck, and enhancers to give your year a big boost of auspicious energy.

With Lillian Too's Fortune and Feng Shui horoscope books, now YOU can make the best of the FIRE BOAR YEAR 2007.

Get Rich with Water by Lillian Too

Published Year : 2006

The feng shui way to a RICH and WEALTHY life! While your home should be a santuary for you to feel embraced by the good chi that good feng shui brings, it should also be a place where specialized techniques can be used to incorporate powerful water features whose mere presence can enhance your wealth and prosperity luck.

Lillian Too's Fortune and Feng Shui 2006

Published Year : 2005

What is the best way to enhance success, ensure good health and be a winner in the coming year?

Lillian Too has put together this amazingly easy set of horoscope books for everyone to make the best of the fire dog year 2006.

Lillian Too's Eight Characters - Chinese Personal Forecasting

Published Year : 2005

Discover the secrets of Chinese Personal Forecasting in this complete book as Lillian Too opens up the world of Chinese Astrology and makes Destiny Analysis accessible to everyone.

Lillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Ways to a Calm and Happy Life

Published Year : 2005

Your home should be a refuge that renews and restores your spirit. Using Lillian Too's simple and effective feng shui solutions, you can create that calming haven quickly, easily and inexpensively.

    Discover your home's hidden goldmines, based on its facing direction
    Remove obstacles to success with feng shui cures - plants, water, windchimes, lights and crystals

Once you've implemented even a few of Lillian Too's remarkable remedies, you'll understand why she's the world's bestselling author on feng shui.

Lillian Too’s 365 Feng Shui Tips (in Chinese Language)

Published Year : 2005

Lillian Too's 365 Feng Shui Tips brings you a tip a day to get you auspiciously through the year. Crammed full of substantive pointers, formulas, methods and practical hints, this is a book every feng shui practitioner will use as an easy reference guide to instant feng shui.

Lillian Too's Basic Feng Shui (in Chinese Language)

Published Year : 2005

Good news for all the Chinese readers out there, the best selling feng shui book - "Basic Feng Shui by Lillian Too" now is available in Chinese. It is exceptionally well laid out, efficiently organised and very simple. The book is tight, succinct and to the point.

Empress Wu, a novel by Lillian Too

Published Year : 2005

A brilliant and beautiful concubine captivates the heart and mind of an emperor rises to become the only woman ever to ascend the dragon throne. Set in seventh century Tang Dynasty China, a golden time of imperial splendour when the ancient capital of Changan is the gliterring center of the world. The Mesmerizing Love Store of Empress Wu and her amazing rise to absolute power will leave you breathless, chilled and enthralled..

Lillian Too's Fortune and Feng Shui 2005

Published Year : 2004

Lillian Too has put together this amazingly easy set of horoscope books for everyone to make the best of the wood rooster year 2005. Customized for each of the twelve signs of the Chinese horoscope, now you have a book that:

    Explain your luck patterns from month to month
    Reveals powerful feng shui unique to your sign
    Offers timely remedies and cures to avert bad luck... and more!

Total Feng Shui by Lillian Too

Published Year : 2004

Finally - everything you need to know about feng shui In one colorful, inviting book. Internationally renowned expert Lillian Too gives you the tools to bring the power of feng shui into every aspect of your life. Packed with great information in an interactive, easy-to-use format, Total Feng Shui is the handbook for making your dreams come true.

Inside you'll find strategies and tips for

    career success, recognition, and promotion
    friendship, romance, love and marriage
    wealth and financial growth
    education and personal development
    health and longevit

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