Verónica Podestá of Uno Mismo magazine, Argentina chats with Lillian Too on Feng Shui…

UM : How did you get acquainted with the Feng Shui principles?
LT : I grew up with feng shui and it is soemthing I have had a passion for ever since my twenties. For us Chinese, feng shui is a way of life.
UM : What did you do before that?
LT : Before writing books on feng shui I was a very active corporate person. I was the Managing Director and CEO of a bank in Hong Kong and I was also the Chairman of a department store chain called Dragon Seed in Hong Kong.
UM : Where were you born and where do you currently live?
LT : I was born in Malaysia where I still live. I love Malaysia and will never leave here…
UM : Other significant biographical data previous to your becoming the great Feng Shui guru?
LT : Until my mid forties I was a businesswoman and had a flourishing retailing business in Hong Kong but I came back to Malaysia to become a full time mother when my daughter turned twelve. I became a writer after Jennifer (my daughter) started growing up and going into secondary school.
UM : Do the Feng Shui principles that you teach apply in the same way to the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere?
LT : Absolutely. There was for a short time some misconception that you need to flip the directions for North and South hemisphere, but when you understand advanced feng shui where we actually use three measurements of NORTH, then you know that the recommendations apply the same to every place wherever you are. In feng shui, accurate compass directions are important as a point of reference.
UM : To have good fortune is the wish of all people on Earth. Does good fortune invariably accompany whoever applies the feng shui ways?
LT : Yes to a large extent if they are genuine and really know how to protect against misfortune and how to energize for good fortune.
UM : What other factors are relevant to have good or bad fortune?
LT : Feng shui is only one third of your luck. There is also karma and your own actions.
UM : Today technology has a place in everybody's home. How do the electronic appliances and devices (TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, etc) affect the harmony of a house?
LT : Well they exude a kind of invisible energy don't they? So yes they do have an effect on the feng shui of the house. They create yang energy. Too much is not good, but television and radios create good yang chi.
UM : Which is the best place in a house to put a computer and a TV set? Is there a place where these appliances should definitely NOT be positioned? How can the negative effects be corrected?
LT : In the WEST and NW.
UM : Could you give us some remedy or cure for solitude? (in the case of someone who wants to find a partner in life).
LT : O yes, there are tons of cures for this. You can find these cures in many of my books.
UM : Could you give us some advice for people who work from home and have not enough space to keep the working area separated from the rest of the house?
LT : Well, demarcate the two areas anyway - with plants, dividers and so forth.
UM : What can I do if everything in my house is against "good feng shui"? Is moving to another house the only solution?
LT : There is always something that can be done. No need to move but it is always a matter of how much it will cost. Sometimes it is cheaper just to find another place.
UM : Bamboo, red ribbons, bells. What is the purpose of each of these things?
LT : Bamboo is for longevity - great if you need WOOD energy. Red ribbons activate auspicious objects. Bells bring fame and recognition.
UM : More to the point: what can I do if in my house stairs directly face the front door?
LT : Hang a crystal, lights or windchime in between.
UM : And what if I have three doors in a straight line?
LT : Place a divider or door curtain.
UM : A spiral staircase?
LT : Not such a good thing. Close up the holes in between the stairs.
UM : And if the dining room is located directly under a toilet?
LT : Move the dining to another room.
UM : Is there some kind of lucky charm to bring feng shui to wherever we go?
LT : Tons. Go to for a big selection and choice.
UM : Thank you Lillian!
LT : My pleasure…
Verónica Podestá of Uno Mismo magazine, Argentina chats with Lillian Too on Feng Shui…
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