The Queen of Feng Shui

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya
10th October 2008

Source: Georgia Today

There are several people in my life who came to me like the morning sun, bringing along the wisdom of new beginning, clarity and the warmth of love. I want you to meet one of them, my precious teacher Lillian Too, the creator of the World Of Feng Shui Empire and bestselling Feng Shui author whose 180 books are translated in more than 30 languages. Sheis is called the Queen of Feng Shui for introducing the ancient science beyond the borders of Asia, making it easily understandable and applicable to modern life.

While studying Feng Shui in Kuala Lumpur, I was lucky to spend some time talking about everything in the world and beyond it with Lillian. This was just the beginning to our connection, which has continued even though we are continents apart. I remember that I fell in love with Lillian’s charm, wit, sense of humor, kindness and passion immediately, and I am still discovering new faces of this brilliant woman.

“I don’t know how I am going to do it but I’ll do it!” This phrase from Lillian Too echoes in my ears even today. This woman is famous for many of her personal and professional achievements. Perhaps the main talent she possesses in my eyes is to start the circle of kindness with whatever she does.

“I am making time to see people who come to me because I want them to know they are important and it will give them strength,” said Mrs. Too at the end of our long talk at her home. “I know that they will know and remember it, and it costs me so little. Every day I make decisions like this. It costs me so little to make people’s live so meaningful.”

She laughs. “I am so lucky, I do not even have to do anything, just stand for a picture! And people are already happy! If you reach that stage in your life, just to know you make people happy, it’s a great blessing, darling. It took me many years to reach this stage, it was not easy.”

Indeed, her way was not easy. But through struggles and losses, she stayed focused on her goal. “If you did not see the suffering, how can you know what the happiness really is? If you did not see the ugliness of the world, how can you know what the beauty is?” says Lillian Too.

She sure is a strong woman. She follows this comment with the same Buddhist wisdom: “To be a strong woman you first have to know what it is to be weak. If you do not know that, how do you know what it is to be strong? If I had never had someone to protect me and love me, how would I be able to protect and love other people? And it is important to remember that the greatness of man is not to have no fear, but to have fear and to overcome it.”

As a practicing Buddhist, she is often asked questions on meditation and enlightenment, and one of her best pieces of advice was based on the secret teachings of Buddha, where the Buddha says that everybody is a Buddha.

“One of the most powerful ways to achieve enlightenment is to visualize a Buddha coming into you, and how you are becoming more like him: filling up on love and kindness,” taught Mrs. Too. She has 10,000 sculptures and images of Buddha in her house and it is easy for her to visualize Buddha any time.

“The mind is very powerful, it creates a picture, and you are becoming a Buddha! It does not mean you become powerful, like him, it just means you become very kind and gentle,” explained Lillian Too.

“Once you have the spiritual way, the material way is so easy! If you can visualize Buddha, you can visualize wealth. If that’s what you want: fine! Though you can’t take it with you, if it makes you happy, go for it!” shared Lillian Too. She is often asked questions of material wealth and always explains that satisfying the lower chakras of sexual and material pleasures clears a person for taking care of his higher spiritual self.

“People don’t understand that spiritual does not cut off material in Buddhism. “Money is bad!” they say. Well, who’s going to give you a house and food?” said Lillian Too.

“Buddhism is saying that material possessions are not the most important and not the ultimate. The ultimate is enlightenment. In the end one is going to live in only one house, and eat just two meals a day. We become rich to use our wealth to help other people. “‘Money is bad, money is the root of all evil,’ every time I hear it, I want to ask ‘Really?? Why then are you asking me to give you money?’”

Feng Shui is a great creator of wealth. In fact, monetary luck is the easiest to create using the science of Feng Shui.

My dear friend Agnes Beleznay and her family, including a husband and three children, survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in August 2005, but lost all their possessions and their house. When her family escaped to a safe place, Agnes went to a bookstore. Her mind needed something to distract her from the scenes of her ruined hometown. Somehow she ended up by the shelves with home decoration literature, and bought Lillian Too’s “Total Feng Shui” book.

From that day on, in many rental apartments, she applied the rules of Feng Shui, and now the family’s new home on Long Island is decorated with all the knowledge Agnes learned during those two years. “It is unbelievable that we bought a new house such a short time after being totally ruined,” says Agnes. “The power of Feng Shui is awesome.”

Feng Shui of a home and of a person is first of all about protection, and then enhancing the elements for harmonizing luck and vitality. Mrs. Too always wears several amulets. The most important is to protect our mental state and spirit. “If you have to deal with a negative person,” teaches Ms. Lillian, “put him or her on your hand and blow: may you fly all the way out to China!”

Four! Three! Two! One!

Over one hundred red and yellow balloons slowly rose into the dark moonless sky. For a while, one could still read wishes, written on them in blue and red markers. Soon the wind blew the colorful cloud away, leaving Lillian’s relatives, friends and students to stand in the garden of her beautiful home in Kuala Lumpur, charmed by the beauty of the night sky and the soft music, and the magic of an evening with a wise and kind woman. The woman called the Queen of Feng Shui.

Thank you Ms. Lillian for being in my life.

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