"Lillian Too blazed a trail by becoming the first woman in Malaysia to head a publicly listed company. As an entrepreneur she earned enough money in 18 months to retire in her mid-40s. Now she devotes her time to showing how the principles of Feng Shui can help anyone maximize their potential for wealth and happiness. Given her credentials, people listen..."
- Vogue Asia, September 1996

"Lillian Too is something of a legend in Malaysian corporate circles... with a formidable c.v."
- Malaysian Business

"Too distills the essence of the practice and explains in simple terms how feng shui can improve anyone's life..."
- Vogue

"... she is not the sort of proponent of this ancient Chinese art who peddles her knowledge to companies... what she does, and has done with considerable success, is write books about feng shui..."
- Smart Investor

"Lillian Too's feng shui site has been big news. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of geomancy- a cross between psychic energy and interior design - and Lillian Too can make a Swiss ski chalet seem as spiritual as Stonehenge... in Asia she is a celebrity and her online consultations are burning up lots of Asian band-width..."

"The pursuit of excellence is one never ending story for Lillian Too"

"Too is a person who practices what she preaches..."

To date Too has written eight books on feng shui - all of them bestsellers..."
- The Peak Magazine, December 1996

"In an arena largely donminated by men, Too stood out like a rose among the thorns... but this rose knew what she was doing, and did it better than most of her male counterparts..."

"Everything around her... is reflective of her warm, vibrant personality... and though she considers herself retired, to the readers of her best-selling books throughout Malaysia, she's only just begun..."

"Too's credentials are impeccable"

"Anyone suffering from a crisis of confidence could do well to spend some time in the company of the very spirited Lillian Too..."

"The techniques described in (Feng Shui)... of finding prosperous locations, of orientating buildings to achieve maximum good luck, of designing rooms and offices to capture abundant good fortune... makes fascinating reading."
- G.Gnanalingam, President, Harvard Business School Club of Malaysia

"This sequel to Feng Shui is the result of intensive collaboration between the author and Yap Cheng Hai, a well known Feng Shui Master. Exciting new Feng Shui insights and secrets have emerged."
- YB. Datuk Seri Dr. Ling Liong Sik, Minister of Transport, Malaysia; President, Malaysian Chinese Association.

A masterful second book on Feng Shui!... this sequel is a definite must...!"
- Yet Ling, Editor-in-Chief, Fu-Ni Women's Magazine.

"...Too goes to great length, borne of much laboured research, to explain Feng shui as being closer to a science than a faith... fully illustrated, her books offer concise explanations, hints and suggestions for readers..."
- Karen Smith from B International Magazine, Hong Kong

"Lillian Too's Feng Shui is outstanding and spellbinding... the well matched marriage between theory and practice contributes to the comprehensiveness of the book, given the clear and precise style of writing, the effective illustrations and the interesting anecdotes... highly recommended."
- Dr Leong Yin Ching, B. Econs, M.Ed (Mal.), PhD (Lon); Professor of Education, University of Malaya.

"Lillian Too's talk... was as breathtaking as the person herself"

"She is introduced as a lady of many seasons, one with many accomplishments, constantly pursuing new frontiers and always meeting up with success"
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