Exclusive: Lillian Too on Feng Shui For Rat Year – Born Babies & Building Happier, Richer Homes in 2020

by Helena Hon

The name of Lillian Too needs no introduction. Grandmother, mother, wife and the world’s #No: 1 authority on Feng Shui and bestselling author of over 100 books on the subject, which have been translated into over 30 languages, Lillian lends a moment today to share her wisdom and knowledge on what to expect of Rat Year-born babies, their personality, their inclination for certain professions and how best to navigate this Year of the Metal Rat for a stronger, happier family unit in the home.

“Feng Shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is the ancient art and science of using energy forces to harmonize individuals with the built environment and the principles of the natural world. The philosophy is to connect and flow with the tide of nature. The term Feng Shui means “wind water” in English.”

As a mother herself, Lillian offers invaluable guidance on how to make the home a conducive one for children to thrive in, on maximizing their potential in their studies and also about ensuring marital bliss.

For those expecting a 2020 baby and those already having Rat Year-born children, here is maternal and Chinese metaphysical insight that has never been revealed to you before.

Mums, aren’t you in for a special treat this year! So, buckle up and here we go.

(Left): A doting mother herself, Lillian Too can be seen here with her daughter Jennifer when they were holidaying in Greece many years ago; and (Right): mother and daughter, still as close as ever, today.

Motherhood Chats with Lillian Too

1. Motherhood: Many mothers-to-be are expecting their babies in 2020. They will be very excited to know about what to expect of their little ones. Can you tell us a bit about the personality and traits of Rat Year babies and where their talents will lie when they grow up?

Lillian Too: Every family is lucky to have a Rat in the family as they are believed to bring the family a lot of wealth! Anyone having a Rat Baby this year is lucky indeed! Rat children are extremely creative, often with great talent in the arts. They are thirsty for knowledge, absorbing everything they hear and learn, and are often walking encyclopedias. They also seem precocious for their age.

While they are naturally artistic, they are often just as good at the sciences – and may pursue a more science-based path as they grow up – but Rats who choose to pursue the arts as their profession will do very well indeed.

Rats are sociable creatures and love nothing more than good company. They are terrific at small talk and making others feel comfortable in their presence. Rat kids tend to be huggy and very affectionate. They have an in-born sensitivity chip, empathizing with others, and making all in their company feel good and loved.

Rats are natural collectors. They love to collect plush toys, pet rocks and other such knick knacks. They often treasure souvenirs that they bring back from holidays. Like their animal namesake, they are “hoarders” – a habit that will only intensify as they grow into adulthood.

This year’s Rat is a Metal Rat. This Rat will often find him or herself in the company of rich and powerful friends. This Rat likes the good life and will use his or her considerable charm to win over allies in powerful places; and will likely rise to a high station in life.

2. Motherhood: Can you advise about the health of the baby and how to avoid sickness?

Lillian Too: If your baby is falling sick often, check the Feng Shui of your South sector. This is where the Illness Star of the year has settled, so if health is a problem in your household, keep this area of the home quiet (do not have bright lights or too much noise here) and place a Healing Herbs Wu Lou here.

3. Motherhood: Where should his cot be placed?

Lillian Too: Avoid having the cot in the South, East and Center sectors. These are the most afflicted sectors this year. You can also tap your Rat baby’s personal growth direction by having his or her head pointed WEST for a baby boy Rat, and NORTH EAST for a baby girl Rat.

4. Motherhood: How should parents make for a calmer, happier, more well-adjusted baby growing up in 2020?

Lillian Too: Play with your baby, breastfeed, keep your baby stimulated and active. In today’s world, there are so many options for baby’s enrichment. Take advantage of living in a modern country like Malaysia and make use of all these facilities at our doorstep! Most important for any baby is interaction, and especially the Rat baby, who just LOVES interacting and social stimulation. Advertisements

5. Motherhood: Let’s talk about other children, not just the Rat-born. How can Feng Shui help with their studies so that they do well in school?

Lillian Too: For school-going children, have them face one of their lucky directions when they are studying or sitting at their workdesk. You can check their lucky directions with the KUA CALCULATOR on our website here. You should also get them the Scholastic Amulet to hang off their schoolbag. It brings them excellent study and examination luck.

Lillian Too, with daughter Jennifer and grandson Jack, posing under and next to posters of her book, “Get Rich With Water”.

6. Motherhood: If there is more than one child at home, how can parents arrange their sleeping environment to ensure less sibling rivalry or conflict in the home?

Lillian Too: For children’s bedrooms, if siblings don’t share bedrooms, make sure the bedroom doors to their separate bedrooms don’t directly face one another. This will make them quarrelsome with each other and sibling rivalry could become a problem.

7. Motherhood: What about matrimonial bliss and family stability? How can Feng Shui help in these areas?

Lillian Too: Every home needs to invite in the Fire Dragon holding a Fireball to be placed in the NORTH sector. This is where the quarrelsome star of the year has flown, and if the main door into your home is located in this sector, things could become very noisy for you! The Fire Dragon symbolically suppresses the hostile energies of the quarreling star, which is especially strong this year because the quarrelsome star is a Wood Star, which gets fueled by the energy of the North, which is a Water sector. Water produces Wood, so the energy of the Quarrelsome Star becomes stronger.

8. Motherhood: Do you have any advice for mothers and wives on making a happy home for the family?

Lillian Too: Mothers and wives should lead their own lives as well as play mother and wife. A happy balance will go a long way in ensuring you are at your best when with the family. Whether your personal time is filled with a career, a hobby, or your own social circle of friends, having a life outside of the home is more important than you think.

Make sure you don’t have a water feature or pond or aquarium on the right side of your front door (inside looking out) as this causes marital problems.

A Little Bit More About Lillian Too

Lillian Too’s “Feng Shui Extravaganza 2020”, saw sell-out audience participation from Malaysia Singapore, USA, UK, Russia, Romania, Moldovia, Japan, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Ukraine, India, Indonesia and Europe in Hotel Istana on Dec 1, 2019.

Lillian Too holds a Harvard MBA, and her resume before becoming an author and speaker includes being the first woman CEO of a bank in Asia and packaging the leveraged buyout of the Dragon Seed Department Store in Hong Kong. She is a dynamite speaker and attracts capacity crowds each year at her annual Feng Shui Extravaganza where she gives vital updates and advice for the year in her signature punchy and highly useable style.

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