Lillian Too’s MCC draws fabulous students from 15 countries!

Once again, Lillian Too has just completed the July class of Masters Consultants Course. Held once a year, this course is the advanced sequel offered only to participants who have already successfully completed the MPC. This year’s fabulous class drew serious and passionate practitioners who originate from and live in 15 different countries, including Switzerland, Russia, India, Tahiti, the USA, Norway, Czech Republic, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Kuwait, Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Apart from daily lectures conducted by Lillian, tutorials and study sessions were also held in afternoons so that students get a chance to ask the deep questions and clarify how each of these advanced methods are used. Students receive plenty of opportunity to put their theory into practice, as the course included a live visit to a real construction site where two buildings were being renovated. Students were asked to analyse, discuss and comment on the various ways the two buildings could be merged into one to maximise feng shui luck!

Five Outstanding Students

This year we are happy to announce that we had students of very high calibre attending. Everyone passed and five of our students received distinctions!

The course culminated in an intimate Graduation Party Celebration at Lillian’s own house, complete with a delectable selection of Indian food, accompanied by talented musical performances by our divas from this year’s class! Our highest distinction went to our talented and lovely Kuwaiti student Noor Al-Bader who wowed the class with both her grasp of feng shui knowledge and amazing singing talent!

The night ended with our Wish Fulfilling Balloon ritual where each person wrote their wishes on several balloons and released them into the air towards the moon.

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Coming up in November! Master Practioners Course in 1st-6th November and Master Class in Paht Chee on 8th-13th November.

Memorable feedback from some of our students…

Alexandra and Nicklay Chrisyakov, Russia
Thank you Master Lillian for the teaching this great course! I really liked the diagnostics part of the course and the water feng shui formula. I feel confident that I am able to perform feng shui consultations.

John Koh, Singapore
This course really extended and deepened my knowledge on feng shui, more than what I learnt at the MPC. What I really enjoyed was how the course was delivered by Master Lillian. I would highly recommend this course to people who have basic knowledge about feng shui first. Lillian’s charisma and positive way in sharing her experience and the knowledge of Feng Shui was amazing! 

Pricillia Phang, Australia
Thank you Lillian, Stanley, Connie and all the WOFS staff for your patience in teaching us with your kindness and all your help. May God bless you always and give you all good luck, and healthy life ahead. Thank you so, so much. May God always bless you all and all the best for you all.

Shivani Goel, India
I simply just love the way Lillian conducts her class. All the topics keep you thinking. The perspectives shared in her class are really insightful.

Eline Tee Bee Suang, Malaysia
I enjoyed this MCC class with Lillian and Stanley very much as I have learnt so much from them. Everything conducted was perfect; the WOFS staff here very good. This class is really important for basic practitioners who want to become serious feng shui practioners.

Yeo Swee Keow, Singapore
I enjoyed this class immensely and love Lillian’s illustrated examples. This class is crucial for anyone ready to do feng shui consultations as it sharpens one’s skills. And I am in love with WOFS products. I think they’re fantastically designed with excellent quality and would definitely be in all my recommendations as cures.

Lucy Richardson, Germany residing in Singapore
I really liked the subjects taught in the class, especially about the water formula. I would definitely recommend this class to others. It took what I already knew and deepened it even more. Lillian’s approach was good as she covered important revision and taught us new formulas never taught before.

Maya Lilaani, Indonesia
I really enjoyed this course and particularly thought that the sequence of explanations was well thought out. I will definitely recommend this course to others. I have one word for Lillian: phenomenal!

Marilyn Mendoza Pedro (Yuri), Japan
I really enjoyed the whole week and I really wish I could be there always because I am so happy when I am with my WOFS family. I can have more confidence now to perform consultations to others as this course gives me such a lot of information that is really very important for doing consultations. Lillian teaches us so well and she has exceeded my expectations.

Sonam Sanjay, Bahrain
I enjoyed the course very much especially all the detailed lectures given by Lillian. This is a step further in the practice of practical feng shui. She’s always so informative and wonderful.

Liew Shaw Pin, Malaysia (Business Partner in Kuching)
Yes, I loved this course very much especially the 3D feng shui and the incense offering rituals. I think that all MPC students should attend MCC, very important for those who are serious about feng shui. Lillian did not only focus on the theory but on the she spent a lot of time on the practical side, which is very useful.

Noor Al-Bader, Kuwait (Highest Distinction)
I enjoyed this course so much and I love Lillian’s contemporary approach. I chose this course as I was impressed with her background and her approach, and I wanted to deepen my knowledge on feng shui. Since I started using feng shui, career opportunities started coming in, my social circle widened and I began to have more travelling opportunities. My life changed and it became more interesting and fun!

Jana Spalding, Czech Republic
I am very grateful and happy that I have found feng shui and Lillian, who is such a special person and mentor. I feel that through her not only have I found a new group of friends, but I have become more aware of other people's needs and thus become a better person. I love feng shui, Lillian and all her team and I feel very privileged and proud to be one of her students.

Mirtala Bazan, Texas USA
I enjoyed this course very much and loved the trips to see actual water feature cures built by Lillian in her home and office. This course is extremely crucial for feng shui practioners who are serious. I truly appreciate the life experiences and advice I gained from this course. Keep giving! And I would also like to attend the magic class... its fantastic stuff!

Karina Sirimanna, India
This course was very interesting and I really liked the topic on Sarn He Feng Shui. Lillian has a very interesting style of teaching with lots of nice stories. I enjoyed the whole course and the support of every member of the staff!

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