Reviews on Lillian Too's books

The Sun,
Wednesday 7th December 2005

TITLE: Lillian Too's Eight Characters
AUTHOR: Lillian Too
PUBLISHER: Konsep Lagenda

THIS is a fully illustrated guide to Chinese personal forecasting. The author helps to demystify the secrets of interpreting the paht chee charts, and provides a step-by-step guide to understanding your destiny.

Life forecasting is usually done by paht chee experts and astrologers for auspicious occasions, such as births, marriages, and dates for major celebrations or moving house.

In this simplified book, Too helps interested readers take the first step in learning to do the Eight Characters charts on their own.

Though she does her best, unless you are paying close attention, by midway you'd be floundering in the various stems and pillars. That said, it is very important to actually try the methods discussed by drawing the charts yourself-you'll get better at it, with this book as an easy reference.

Two Guides To Good Luck


TITLES: Basic Feng Shui 365 Feng Shui Tips
PUBLISEHR: Konsep Lagenda

Review By Giam Say Khoon

FENG shui, if separated into two words, means only wind and water, but as a terminology, it means the study of the ancient Chinese system of organizing the set up of houses or buildings in a way that will bring luck, happiness and prosperity to its believers.

If your are a believer of this ancient science or just looking for luck, love and wealth, and provided you can read Chinese, then Lillian Too, the well-known international Feng Shui expert, has the perfect guides for you.

She now has two of her best selling Feng Shui guide book translated into Chinese - Basic Feng Shui and 365 Feng Shui Tips.

Basic Feng Shui is actually a Feng Shui book for dummies. It provides the most fundamental and comprehensive tips and guidelines one everything from personalizing interior décor to improving family relations.

The book is practical, systematic and stunningly illustrated with charts and graphics to help readers with charts and graphics to help readers fully understand and eliminate every obstacle standing in the way of success and satisfaction.

Basic Feng Shui not only defines the art of this ancient science in layman's terms, but it also helps readers clearly comprehend that under different circumstances or predicaments, there are different ways to resolve problems.

For example, the book teaches readers to create their own DIY yin and yang feng shui compass in order to protect their homes and families, and also goes on to explain where and how to put the compass up, without inadvertently bringing harm to the users themselves.

365 Feng Shui Tips on the other hand brings you a tip a day to ensure your year is as auspicious as it can get.

The book contains 365 do's and don'ts which helps to enlighten readers on what they should do to be more lucky and also how to avoid bad things from happening to them.

Its short and simple explanation and pocket size is also particularly useful for working people who have less time for reading, making it easy to bring along while taking public transportation.

However, this book is unlike Basic Feng Shui as it concentrates on workplace feng shui, which anyone can put into effect in their office.

For example, 365 Feng Shui Tips helps readers understand that under certain circumstances, a particular colour will help bring in luck. Therefore, if you want to boost your confidence, it is best to wear red coloured clothing or decorate your working environment with red items.

This is also a book feng shui practitioners can use an easy reference guide to instant feng shui with its pointers, formulas and methods.

Of course, readers don't have to only limit themselves to learning on tip a day; they can finish the book at one go, if they like.

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